Star Trek Attack Wing Kazon Halik Raider unboxing

The Halik Raider is Kazon Raider. These vessels were stolen from the Trabe and utilized by the Kazon, a race regarded by the Borgs as an unremarkable species and not worthy of assimilation. Many Kazon raiders are equipped with variable yield photonic charges.
Its about time the Kazon got another ship to add to their small fleet, so les see what gets added in the pack....

 All the tokesn you need for the ship come in nice quality card.
 The Raider is a nimble little thing, it has a come about and average stats, it does not hit that hard, but there are cards that can help with this, the ship is cheap though coming n at 20 points for the named Halik Raider.  Her ability allows you to disable an active shield to give you 2 extra defence dice, so its a risk but 4 defence dice can turn the result around potentially.  You get the traditional generic ship, and captain as always.  Surat is the named captain for he pack, with skill 5 he is middle of the pack, but at only 3 points he is worth adding, and with not too many choices in the Kazon faction is certainly welcome.  He lets you perform the scan action which the ship does not have naturally, though if you do not have a tech upgrade you take an auxiliary power token.  W have a ? upgrade that does not take up a slot.  Unremarkable species is purely anti-Borg, which is nice and thematic.  It gives you extra defence dice, and stops them targeting your upgrades, so its great in a themed game, but for general play may be useless unless you face the Borg.
 The aft Torpedo launcher is a great weapon upgrade, with the ships natural 180 degree front arc combined with this timer token weapon pumping out 4 dice it gives you 360 degree coverage and lets you hit hard from the back as well.  Photonic charges cause an auxiliary power on the target if you get an un-cancelled hit or crit through.  Variable yield charges are another weapon upgrade at 2 points that enhance your Photonic Charges.  You can disable it to add an extra attack dice to your charges, though you do take an auxiliary power, its not too much of a problem due to the manoeuvrability of this ship so you can pull a nice green manoeuvre and clear it.  There are two crew in the pack, Lorrum can increase your firepower with your primary weapon by discarding him to roll dice equal to the upgrade cost of one upgrades on the target ship, so if you have an opponent with something like transphasic torpedoes, or big weapons this will really hurt them!  Kazon guard can be discarded to add an evade token as a free action at the cost of an auxiliary power, its useful if you know a pummelling is coming your way.  Lastly we have the rules card so you are always up to date.
 The mission is Runara IV, this mission is 3 players with re-spawning Kazon ships, so will be a different challenge.
 Its the same model we have seen for the previous ship but a new paintjob, and a definite improvement for sure, I really like the brass look of it.
 Its great to see the improvement in models and painting finally happening.
You can pick one up by finding your local game store here with an RRP of £11.99 it will add a great ship and solid cards to your fleet to lead the Kazon to dominance.

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