Star Trek Attack Wing USS Montgolfier unboxing and review.

The Federation get some reinforcements with the light cruiser Saber class.  She may not be the biggest ship with a crew compliment of only 40, but she can still pack a punch in combat.

The Saber-class of Federation starship was first introduced in the late 24th century, and was in full service by 2373. The ship featured a design more compact than other Starfleet vessels, and was fairly well armed despite its small size; the class has featured prominently in the Battle of Sector 001 against the Borg and in the Dominion War.
Lets take a look and see what we get in the pack.....

You get a set of nice quality tokens, though again as the other ships in this wave it does not include target lock tokens, and oddly enough does not include an evade token even though the ship has an evade action.
 The ship is very nimble for a Federation ship and one of the only classes apart from the Defiant that has a comeabout on its dial.  You get a generic captain, and ship so you can run it plain.  The named ship the Montgolfier lets you swap your target lock from one ship to another in range, which is very handy, as you can target lock a ship out of line of sight but in range, and then move it to another ship when you need it. She has pretty average stats across the board, but for her points is a good buy. 

The named Captain of the pack is Orfil Quinteros, who is skill 5 for 3 points.  His action lets you roll 3 defence dice, and for each evade repair one damage to your hull, but you also have to put an auxiliary power token on your ship for each point of damage repaired.

 For Tech we have Thruster array.  For an action and a discard this allows you to perform a 1 or a 2 speed full astern manoeuvre, which the ship can not normally perform.  This allows an element of surprise for your opponent, and makes it very nimble, as you can do a bank move, then back up afterwards, yes it counts as a red, but it can set you up in the right position if needed.

Subspace Transmitter is the other tech card in the pack, and is an action and a disable that puts a scan token on your ship, and a friendly ship in range 1-3, which can be useful for giving them an extra action.

Wesley Crusher makes an appearance as crew again, and for an expensive 5 points, but he does have two different ways he can be used. After you move, if your ship has a auxiliary power token by it, you can disable Wesley to perform an action from your action bar.  The other way he can be used is, after you move you can disable him to perform an action from one of your tech cards.  This can allow you an extra action on the turn you need it, so he is actually quite a versatile card.

Photon Torpedoes come as a weapon upgrade, we have seen these plenty of times before, and they are often useful, certainly in a ship that can change its target lock at will.

Heavy Graviton Beam is a 4 point weapon with 3 attack dice that can work at range 1-2.  It is a discard
 that causes the target to roll 1 less defence dice, which is not very impressive, until you read what it does against the Borg.  If fired against a Borg vessel you gain 3 attack dice, and they may not roll any defence dice.  Since this does not require a target lock to be used, you can use it to re-roll for maximum effect, and if you have taken that action earlier, you can just swing the target lock into place on the enemy when you need it and take battlestations as your action for maximum damage potential.

Destroy the Weapons Platform is the mission for the pack, and take sus back to the Dominion War, with a 2 player game including some fixed defences, and a timer mechanism mean you can not just sit back, but must engage if you want to win
 The ship is nice enough looking, but the paintjob is not one of the best.
 With some work the shipc ould look quite nice, though of course is perfectly playable out of the box.
 The only time we have seen the model before is the USS Yaeger which was a booster ship only available in organised play, so I am glad to see a retail version available.
You can pick one up by finding your local game store here with an RRP of £12.99 to add some variety to your Federation fleet

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