Star Trek Attack Wing USS Hathaway build

Welcome once more to the shipyards. We are looking at the USS Hathaway today, and will be following all regulations for her refit for battle, using only cards in the pack, and no more then 50 points.  Then we shall look at how and where she can be used in your fleet.
Here are the cards we are using, so lets dive in......

As always we start with he named ship the Hathaway. her stats are average, but she has some tricks, and a solid manoeuvre dial.  She can let you perform two actions a turn when you need to, yes it costs an auxiliary power, but target locking and battle stations on an opponent.... always good, and even better when you combine it with Captain Rikers ability.  If you are shooting at a ship with more hull add a another attack dice, or defending against a ship with more hull add another defence dice. so you if you can put yourself at range 1 of a bigger target you can soddenly swing for 5 dice, with re-rolls from target lock, and a battles stations too.
Worf helps with your survivability as well, you can disable him to reduce attack dice and stop the enemy using their battle stations and target locks on you, again combined with Rikers ability to add an extra defence dice, you can throw this ship in against the big boys and she can still come out of it again.  Warp Jump is there if things get too hairy in the combat, you can discard it and jump off the board to come back in later that turn repositioned, either away from your or to prepare yourself for the next strike.
Lastly Photon torpedoes provide a nice punch when you are not at range one, and with the timer tokens you can unleash them and concentrate on your other actions, also you can fire them with a battle stations in the same turn thanks to the Hathaways ability.
She's a tough little ship, and can sit in your line if you need to or work the flanks.  To get the best reward from her ability's you want to point her at something bigger then her, and let them get a nasty surprise as this old little ship puts out some punch!
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