Friday, 15 April 2016

Star Trek Attack wing IRW Jazkal Ship build

Today we are at one of the secret Romulan fleet bases around Remus, we cant reveal where or the Tal Shiar will arrive very quickly!

As with all the ship builds it will only include cards that come in the pack so you can get a feel for what you can build from your new ship, and then look at the best way to employ it on the tabletop.

Lets take a closer look and see what we can do with her, and what tricks she has.......

 We start as always with the named ship the Jazkal.  Her ability protects us against elite talents, and gives an extra defence dice against secondary weapons, so will prove handy.  Her stats aren't great, but then she is cheap, and from the Enterprise era, so make sure you bear that in mind.

For captain we have Vrax, at skill3 he is not the highest, but his ability allows us to take the Reman Bodyguards at a nice discount, and he has an elite talent upgrade as well.

 For Vrax's elite talent we have Destabilised relations.  This is a passive ability that forces the enemy to roll less defence dice if they are bunched up, which is good, or spread out, which is also good as it lets you stalk them easier.

Disruptor banks provide a little more punch at range for the ship with a 3 attack, or you can discard it to force an attacking ship to roll 2 less dice, hopefully helping us survive the attack.

 Prototype cloaking device, though having a slight risk should help give us the edge by providing plenty of extra defence dice, and allowing us to do the sensor echo action increasing our manoeuvrability and making it easier to stalk our prey.

 Lastly we have Reman Bodyguards, discounted by the captains' ability.  They are an action to discard them, but it increases your attack by 1 and decreases the enemies defence by 1 at range 1.  So this little ship is now swinging 4 dice at range 1, with a decrease in the enemies defence.

the ship is fragile, so you must keep that in mind when fielding her, she cant hold her own in a duel with a bigger ship, or in the line of battle.  Put her out wide, let her cloak and sensor echo, stalk your targets, and wait for the right time to strike.  Being so cheap she will still allow you plenty of other big ships to distract the enemy.

I asked Olivias thought on this ship..... " it looks cool, and as it is Romulan it is the best and I always win when I play Romulans.  You are rubbish Dad"

Then I asked her how she would use it in battle " to beat you" was her simple response, and I think she will!

To take a look at what else is in the pack and where you can find one head over here to our full review and unboxing of the ship.