Star Trek Attack Wing RIS Talvath ship build

In the ship yards today we look at the RIS Talvath, and how to get the most out of this little ship. no more then 50 points an d of course only cards that came in the pack.  Then we can look at her uses on the field.
 Lets dive in....

The named Talvath lets you roll dice to add evade tokens to your ship but its a gamble, you roll 3 dice, so you could none or 3! handy though to try and stay alive as the ship is fragile.  Captain Telek adds scan to your action bar, and adds an extra defence dice when you roll if you have a scan token.  He can also take the Secret research talent, that can be discarded for a free scan action as well, which combined with the ships ability, and Teleks can really increase the amount of dice this little ship can roll.

 Temporal Displacement lets you re-set an attack an enemy makes against you avoiding any damage, adding to the survivability of your ship.  Test Cylinder lets you disable enemy crew, with a ship this nimble you can stay out of arc and shut down those pesky crewman for your big ships to hammer them.  Lastly we have the signal amplifier, you can discard it and a scan token to either add 2 attack dice, or 2 defence dice.  With a ship that hits so weakly like this one, no one would expect you to attack at range one suddenly with 4 dice! it makes her a nasty little surprise.

She is a weak ship, lets be honest, but for her cost, its a worthy annoyance for your opponent.  She can skim around with good defence and then hit hard once when needed.  It is more of a mission based scenario ship, but can be useful in normal play, and is great fun and can be quite the annoyance forcing them to waste time on destroying her rather than your big ships.

To take a look at a full unboxing, and where you can pick one up, head over here

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