Colt Express: Marshal & Prisoners expansion unboxing and review from Asmodee games and Ludonaute

we looked at Colt Express a while back, which is a pretty fun multiplayer "Old West" great train robbery style of game where you played the outlaws... I have always been a fan of the town Sheriffs, or Marshalls, and now in this pack i get to be the law, bringing back some form of order to the old west.

The Colt Express: Marshal & Prisoners expansion contains three new components:
  • It adds another character "Mei", a martial arts lady.
  • The players can free prisoners from the prison wagon that is added to the end of the train.
  • One player can play as the marshal, who has two decks of bullet cards and three specific items.
  • The Marshal has got four hidden and random objectives, he must achieve it to win the game (i.e. shoot every bullet from one gun, catch a Bandit, Shoot at every Bandit, ...)
  • Freeing junior bandits from the prison car gains their help (i.e. a secondary ability for your character)
Its a small box expansion but its at a good price point of around £18, which for a board game expansion these days is pretty good, certainly with what you get.  so lets take a bit of a better look..........

so inside the box (which is nicely laid out so it can store your newly built prisoner transport wagon) you get plent of new cards, some rather nice new meeples, and instructions too.
Samuel Ford is our newplayable marshall, and he has his own game board, wit some subtle differences, but all handy and explained nice and clearly in the rulebook
The new coach is rather nice looking, and this will add alot to the look of the game.

The marshal is a little different to the normal bandits to play, you do not have the pick up loot action, which is replaced by an additional arrest action. You can capture bandits while on the train and send them to the prison card. The Marshall also has a special move+ or climb+ action, which lets you play one more action and do something fast  in one turn- very handy if you want to arrest a bandit, and that is a good thing.

The new Prisoners are fun to play with, depending on if they are your side-kick or not, they provide new abilities that for example may let you loot twice or give an additional power when you rescue them, adding more to the tactics of play, and also the crazyness too!

Overall, the game adds another dimension and another carriage, the prison car in the mix, new rules, and more fun, plus of course being an expansion you can bolt it on or not, its up to you, but it certainly does add more chaos to an already chaotic (in a good way) game!

It comes in with a bargain  RRP of £17.99 so head on over to your local game store and grab yourself a pack add it into your games, even if its just a new player character, or all of it... which is the joy of this expansion!

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