The Walking Dead All Out War Walker Booster pack from Mantic Games unboxing and Review

Time to take another look at a booster for Mantic Games excellent The Walking Dead All out War

This pack however, is not full of survivors, but full of zombies!

This booster pack contains 6 Walker miniatures to bulk out your herd, along with a set of new Event cards
designed to bring more of the dead onto the table and make your games even more challenging. You will also get a set of equipment cards exclusive to this set, including the Mossberg 500 Shotgun!

Once more the statement of each walker is an individual pose is kept to, and this provides you with more to add to your collection from the starter set (and other boosters you may have picked up) and more walkers are always good, for variety, and for bigger missions too, as your survivor group increases in size and points, so do the number of walkers lurking around the table top.  You could, like some other systems buy another starter to get more, but why bother getting more of the same sculpts when you can pick up new walkers in every booster, and this whole new pack of them too!  There are also more than just the walkers in here to make it well worthwhile grabbing, so lets take a little peak inside, see what we get.........

Like all the boosters you get your models in a nice storage pack, and some new cards to add to the game.
You get some rather nice new event cards to add to the deck for some thematic variety, and to represent more walkers coming about.  Take Theres a storm comin` for example.... if you have managed to keep it on all quiet things are ok, but low and up... things get nasty real fast!  The well titled The Walking Dead helps show you the desperation that can happen to the best laid plans when more walkers turn up, and consdiering humanity is pretty outnumbered at this point, its pretty apt!.

You also get equipment to add to your collection for list building, and this is a welcome boost, with some really excellent items in this pack, making it worth it for them alone.  Gory clothing takes up a body slot, but it really does provide some benefits too by masking your scent to allow you to move easier.  Meds can be discarded to ignore the effects of an infection.

Though my favourite card of the pack, the Mossberg 500, yes it causes mayhem, but 20" range, multiple shots of 2, and adding 2 red dice?! when you want somethign put down for good, survivor, or Walker this is the tool to do it.

Lastly we have the Sledgehammer to add some more kick into melee combat, its bulky but it will also upgrade your dice for when you want to smash things!

Full of character by keeping to the promise of individual Walkers sculpts, Mantic are knocking it out of the park again!

with an RRP of £13.49 for this booster it will add some nice new options, great variety and awesome gear!  so head on over to your local game store and grab one.
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