The Walking Dead All Out War Lori Booster pack from Mantic Games unboxing and Review

Lori, wife of Rick Grimes is the latest booster for Mantic Games excellent The Walking Dead All out War
 Are Mantic keeping up the great quality of the previous ones still? or have they dropped the ball?

Lori Grimes lived with the guilt of having left her husband Rick in a coma back home in Cynthiana. Accompanied by Shane, Lori and her son Carl journeyed to Atlanta, but what they found was a city teeming with the dead.
This set contains 3 plastic miniatures, including:
  • Lori Survivor
  • Craig Survivor
  • Walker
  • Lori, Craig and Carl Character Cards
  • Equipment Cards
  • Mantic Points

These boosters are an excellent way to add all sorts of new goodies to your game, so lets pop this one open, and take a look at her characters and equipment we get...........

 As with other boosters, you get them stored nicely in their own shaped palstic,. plus two sealed packs of cards.
 The models are Lori, Craig, and a crawling walker.  As always, full of detail and good hard plastic these aren't going to bend or warp, and will take paint nicely if you choose to, though of course being fully assembled, you dont even need to apint to them unless you wish to.
 We start with Lori, 1 red in melee and defense, nothing in shoot, so her stats don't light the world up, but 4 health is OK, and with two pack slots and medium nerve she can be useful distracting walkers and grabbing supplies.

Craig is a runner coming in at 12 points, with 1 red in melee, shoot, and 2 in defense, so keeping alive is his thing, and with 4 health and good defense he should stick around for a while, but he does only have low nerve, so you will need to watch out when the threat goes up.
 There is also another version of Carl from the Starter set, with different abilities and points.  His shoot has improved to a white dice, and he has the special rule vulnerable, meaning if he is in the kill zone of another friendly model from the same faction they will not panic, so hes good for managing  threat and nerve.
We get some new items in here to add to our list building pool.  First aid kit is discarded as an action to restore a blue dies worth of health to you or a friend in range.   Small Knife has dual wield so if you have another weapon lets you re-roll a die.
Pepper spray is a cheap one use item that lets you spray an enemy survivor in your kill zone that has not been activated, and they lose an action when they do activate... useful if you want to minimize enemy actions.  Lastly, Ricks Hatchet is a melee weapon with amputate (good to try and stop infections from being bitten spreading) Dual wield for  a reroll, and sharp.  It also adds a white dice to melee, and if you get a headshot result you can add another red to the roll, so this can really cause huge damage.

Once more another excellent pack, i like the fact it included a cheap neutral character too to enhance list building options for other factions.  Great models, some good equipment, and usable characters? yes.. well worth a purchase.

With an RRP of £13.49 for this booster it will add some nice new options, and a beloved character to your games with some new choices to make in list building too.  so head on over to your local game store and grab one.
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