The Walking Dead All Out War Andrea Booster pack from Mantic Games unboxing and Review

Andrea is the latest booster for Mantic Games excellent The Walking Dead All out War
These boosters are proving to be excellent with new characters, new equipment, and sometimes variants of characters we already have, so they are certainly well worth checking out.

Andrea, a former law clerk, was left stranded when returning her sister Amy to college. They were picked up by Dale and helped form the original survivor group. Acting as the team sentry, Andrea began to display a crucial survival skill – marksmanship.

This booster pack contains 3 unique, collectible miniatures allowing you to add Andrea and Amy to your games, along with an extra Walker to bulk out your herd.
  • 1 Andrea Miniature
  • 1 Amy Miniature
  • 1 Walker Miniature
  • Andrea and Amy Character Cards
  • 4 Equipment Cards
  • 1 Mantic Point
 As always the models come in a nice box with a window to view them, and a plastic storage tray as well.  Olivia has not seen the series, its a Little too much for her, but she plays the game, and Andrea is her favourite model so far, "That Girls got a gun, she looks like shes kicking ass"  well.... yes.. yes she is!! lets see how how good she is though...........

 We only get 2 character cards in this pack..... starting with Andrea herself..... she a marksman, and a hefty 40 points, but she is a beast!! with one white die in melee, a white AND a red for shoot, and 2 red for defence she is a power house, and 5 health and medium nerve will keep her in the game too.  She has 3 pack slots so can tote plenty of gear with her if needed and has two special rules too......

Clinical Fire.... If Andrea kills (as i found out quite easy on human survivors) or Knocks down (handy for walkers) she may make another shoot attack if she has any actions left. Considering you can not normally do 2 of the same action, this makes Andrea s supporting powerhouse, but.... the downside is she will be throwing a lot of mayhem out there, so needs someone to balance that for her.

She Also has the rule Baby Sister, which comes into play if Amy is within Andreas Kill Zone, Amy treats her nerve as one level higher then usual, giving her more staying power, and Andrea gains an extra red to her defence, making her really solid, and a very valid reason to take Amy along.

Amy comes in at a bargain 10 points, no die in melee, and only one in shoot and defence though.  She does have a solid 4 health, and 2 pack slots, which is good for her cost, but the downside is her low nerve.  This doesn't become a problem if you run Andrea as well and keep the pair close, and if you do Amy is a real Bargain!

onto equipment here, and there are some real good choices....

the Model 629 .44 Magnum.  This thing is points heavy but packs one hell of a punch being armour piercing and adding 2 white dice to your shoot roll.  Give this to Andrea and she is blasting out all sorts of carnage.  Of course though with all those dice the chances of a headshot are high, meaning ammo will be at a premium, but its OK as you get an ammo reload in the pack, and a speedloader so there's a way to keep you blasting away for more.  Bandages we have seen before, they are useful for healing as always.

The models are the nice quality i have come to expect from Mantic and this range in particular, plenty of detail, no assembly needed either.  All in all another great pack to add more to your game

With an RRP of £13.49 for this booster it will add some nice new options, and an awesome badass character to your games with some new choices to make in list building too.  so head on over to your local game store and grab one.
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