The Walking Dead All Out War Scenery Booster from Mantic Games

For those who play the The Walking Dead All Out War there may be two chains of thought on the terrain.  The game itself includes lovely colour 2D scenery for your game board, which is perfectly acceptable and a great cross for board game fans, and mini game fans, but.... there are always going to be those gamers who want to add more, make it 3D, and collect terrain for it to bring to full life.  Well lucky for them, Mantic has that covered!

This booster pack contains 3D plastic scenery to add an extra level of realism to your games. These pieces are designed to directly replace the cardboard cars and barricades from the core game, as well as replacing the supply counters with 3D resource caches such as piles of food crates and abandoned luggage.

 All presented in a nice box, that can store the items again.. so lets have a look and see what goodies are inside!

 So you get a nice selection of plastic terrain pieces, and a mantic point too!  Two Cars, both the same sculpt, but with a different paint job will be fine, and again two trucks both the same, but again, different paint jobs and you have it all set up.  Then a set of barricades, and supply tokens.
 The detail on the vehicles is impressive, and they certainly have been modelled to fit in with the look of an abandoned world, in the grips of a Walker apocalypse.
 The items that can replace the supply tokens are great looking, and full of theme, with suitcases, and backpacks, and crates, all nicely detailed, and fitting to the theme sure to make your table come alive.
Lastly the barricades, the more you look at them the more little details are found, tyres with tread, cracked planks, opened crates and more, these will provide you a nice upgrade and change, and let you get down for a birds eye view to see how well hidden your models are.

This is a great idea in this pack, its not something that's needed, nor really will it add anything to gameplay, but it WILL to the aesthetics, and lets miniature gamers get more terrain on the table to make it more 3D if they want, and also Boardgamer fans may fancy it too! but of course, you do not have to and that's the great bit, its your choice!  I myself think they look great! so am looking forward to seeing them on the mat to give some more visual splendor, but painted up.. these will be excellent!

Of course these will work well in any 28mm modern or post apocalyptic game, such as Mars Attacks also from Mantic Games, and any kind of "modern warfare game".  Great Work Mantic, a home run with some product that isn't really produced and is truly multi purpose

with an RRP of £19.99 for this booster it will let you add a whole new level of immersion into your games if you want to, and work for many game systems too!  so head on over to your local game store and grab one.
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