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The Walking Dead All Out War Morgan booster by Mantic Games

Not too long ago we looked at The Walking Dead All Out War starter set from Mantic Games.  An excellent miniatures game with board game crossover set in the dark world or the Walking Dead comic series.  Though of course its not just for fans of the comic, if you love the TV show you will enjoy the game, and if you like a good quality miniature game with solid rules, and the ability to play solo... you will love it!

Mantic Games have started to release some wonderful new goodies to hep the expand the game in plenty of different kind of ways.  So first lets look at a character familiar  to comic fans, and fans to the TV show.. Morgan.

The first survivors that Rick meets in the new world, Morgan and his son, Duane, have survived the horrors of the Walkers.

So what do you get inside?

This set contains 3 plastic miniatures, including:
  • Morgan Survivor
  • Duane Survivor
  • Walker
  • Morgan and Duane Character Cards
  • Equipment Cards
  • Mantic Points

 It comes in a very nice and quality card box, with a window showing the main character of the booster in it.  It has a real nice feel to it, and again i think is better then it being in a plastic booster pack as it can also work nicely for storage whilst looking good at the same time.

Lets take the pack open, and take a look and see what is actually inside this snazzy box

Inside you get 3 models in a rather nice storage box, and some cards to add to the game

  To add to your game you get 2 new characters, each with their own models.  Starting with Duane, Morgans son.  At only 12 points hes not expensive, but then hes not great either.  Though in this game all characters have uses, even cheap one with low stats are just as good at searching and getting supplies whilst other characters do more heavy lifting in the game.  With only one red dice for melee and defence, and nothing for shoot, hes not really designed for combat, and only 3 wounds will not keep you in the fight long.  Though 2 pack items means he can go and grab some supplies, so for his points is quite useful.

Morgan is a more hefty 32 points, but with his 6 health he can take a lot more damage, he also has one more pack slot then Duane, so can carry plenty of goodies if needed.  White dice for Melee and defence are solid, with a base red as well for shoot gives him a nice balance.  He also has his own special rule.  Responsibility...... if Duane, or Carl grimes is in your survivor gang, Morgan will never panic if either is still alive, so it also makes Duane nice and useful too to have a really solid character around.
You also get a new selection of equipment cards to expand your list building options, and one Mantic point which you can collect for goodies from their website.  Looking at the cards there are some great ones in it, like the Springfield Rifle, with 30 inch range, this will certainly reach out and hit Zombies, or other survivors with plenty of range and adds a white and red die to your shoot pool.  Its Pricey, but its good!  If you want to add even more range, add a Rifle Scope for 10 points, just to make sure you don't need to move, you can find an area and just start dominating the game field.

If you prefer up close and personal, try the Hatchet.  It comes with the ability to dual wield, and amputate to stop those bites getting worse.  It also adds a white die to your melee, and its always wise to be prepared for fisticuffs! Or perhaps the cheaper shovel withs its Bludgeon ability and adding a red to your melee.  What ever your choices, its great to have some new options!

The models themselves are excellent, nice good hard plastic and fully assembled, you get of course Morgan, Duane, and another zombie that is a new sculpt, not seen before.  I really like the fact that each walker is an individual sculpt, so there wont be another one the same, which though not required is an excellent touch!

I'm looking forward to trying these new characters out and new equipment, and a favourite from the series to boost! plenty of theme to add to campaign games too.

with an RRP of £13.49 for this booster it will add some nice new options, and a beloved character to your games,  so head on over to your local game store and grab one.
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