VS System 2PCG Marvel A-Force from upper deck unboxing and review

The Vs System is an Excellent 2 player card game about the clash of mighty super heroes in the marvel universe, to have a look at how its played go check our look at the Marvel version here and its expansion Defenders.

Today we look at its newest Marvel Expansion A-Force.
 Its a nice sized expansion, and as i am sure regular readers will know, my knowledge of superheroes is somewhat lacking, but it IS growing, and im beginning to find favourites.
 In the box you get 200 new cards, the tokens you will need, and a rule sheet to get you playing, though if you have already played VS you wont take long to flick through to see any slight changes, which are more card ability based rather then main rules, and that's explained on the rulesheet.
Its recommended you have the main core game to play, as it does come with he full rules that you will need.

 Lets pop it open and take a look see who we can field in this pack..........

 plenty of goodies in the pack including foil Main characters!

 Its a nice touch including the full foil main characters set, top marks for that!
 Now....onto the main characters, as always they come in Level 1, and the upgraded Level 2  A female Captain Marvel, She Hulk, Phoenic and Sister Grimm provide some of the "good" characters in the set
 There is plenty of supporting characters to chose from such as Spider Woman, Miss America, Rogue, Spectrum and more all offering you different ways to build your deck with ranged support and melee class characters.
 Stand out art in the pack goes to Rogue, its just amazing...... I know i ALWAYS say i like the art, but just looking through these sets is an absolute pleasure.
 New Plot Twists and locations provide new ways to play with mainly combat buffs in this set, and a new location.  The fact these can all be mixed and matched with your existing VS collection is just a bonus!
 Representing the baddies (as Olivia insists on calling them) we have Enchantress, Mystique, Black Cat and Dark Phoenix, again both Level 1, and level 2 form.
 There is again an array of supporting characters, bear in mind these are only a taste as there are 200 cards in the pack so i can not show them all, not wouldi want to, as you will enjoy going through them to find your favourites as much as i did.
 Sin is most certainly my favourite in the pack, art wise, but ythere is as always great variety in art styles and character choices to help create your perfect team for your deck.

 Again some brand new plot twists will aff some new choices and variety to your games.

An Excellent pack, all female hero themed, and that's fine with me, there are some great cards to work into your deck, and providing new plot twists and new main characters its a chance to try new things by changing the odd card here and there and build more decks as well.  Its a great addition to your VS collection.

With an RRP of £27.99 head down to your Local Game Store and grab yourself a copy to expand your VS collection with great new cards.


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