Marvel Legendary Captain America 75th Anniversary expansion pack unboxing and review

Time to dive into the Marvel Legendary world again with a "mini" expansion.  This is the Captain America 75th Anniversary set, and not too surprisingly features the cap very heavily.  This is good, as Cap is a character i have learned about, and rather like, whispers team cap!!

for more of an overview on the game go take a look at the Marvel Legendary Vilians starter set, as you will need either it, or the normal Marvel legendary core to use the expansion.
It comes in a smaller box then some of the other expansions like Secret Wars or Civil War
Which is a good thing as it comes with a smaller price tag, and seems an excellent way to add your favorite characters into a game without a large expansion, so i hope this is a thing to continue.

Lets pop it open, and take a quick look and see whats inside.....

A Stack of cards, the usual nice quality greets you, and a single double sided instruction sheet letting you know about the set, some background, and new rules this set brings in.
With 100 cards, new masterminds, and new heroes its well worth picking up for the challenges even if you re not a Cap fan.

Now lets have a look at some cards..... As you can guess the main focus in Hero terms is Captain America, but the art style is an excellent homage to the era, and i love it! One of my favourite things about Legendary marvel has been the art, and this does not let me down, it goes to the Golden age of comics, but there is still plenty of nice modern art too.
The new villians will certainly spice up your regular games with a fresh challenge.
The Artwork, i know i have already mentioned it, but its just excellent! with a great variety really showing the evolution of Cap
You may only get 100 cards compared to the other expansions, but its a good price, and will certainly bring more variety to an already huge system with all its compatibility.  Its well worth the purchase for the goodies in here as a new mastermind alone will change the way the game is played, let alone the new heroes and other cards too.  I really hope they continue this idea of themed mini expansions that are less daunting then the big box ones, perhaps a Deadpool one next..... i can hope!

With an RRP of £17.99 its well worth picking up to add to your marvel collection, and if you are a Cap fan then its a real must have for the wealth of optinos and beautiful art from the modern day to the classic era. Head to your local game store and grab yourself a copy.


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