Marvel Legendary Civil War unboxing and reveiw from Upper Deck Games

Its Marvel time again! with each Marvel game i look at i begin to get a better idea about this whole superhero thing, so i am hoping i will fins some i know, i mean i can name at least 4 on the cover of this one, so i am getting better right?

If you are not familiar with the Marvel Legendary series go take a quick look at the Legendary Villians core set, as you will need it or the regular core set to play this expansion.
As i have come to expect from Upper Deck, stunning artwork on the cover

You get a nice rundown of the contents on the back, 370 new playable cards! thats a whole ton to add to your collection.

so lets pop it open, and take a look at some of them.......

 popping the lid off you get a ton of cards, and a very nice foam storage system built into the box, i always apprecaite that and think its a great touch.
 the double sided instruction sheet gives you the run down of the new rules included for cards.

 And also a handy contents guide too.

 The card art, is just top notch, and with characters i know like Captain America, and Daredevil this is looking to b a good set!

 Iron Man makes an appearance as a mastermind, and he is as tough as you would think, he certainly will be a challenge to take down.
 Hes tough, he has plenty of damage, and he starts locking down the city, apart from the great art he is going to make you sad!
 I love the different action cards, and the comic shop keeper bystander card, reminds of the Simpsons comic shop guy. nice...

 The addition of sidekick cards brings a smile to the game, with some looking suitably fierce like Zabu, and Redwing.. and some..... well i will leave you to judge bu they do make for fun.
 Venoms art in particular caught my eye, but he shows there are plenty of scary villains to be faced, and Big Bertha.. well never heard of her, but i would be scared.

special mention for Deadpool (big fan) and BLADE!!! now that is an awesome inclusion, really pleased by that.  She hulk green yes, but cool!

All in all an excellent pack,with more of the characters me as a bit of a superhero noob may know and enjoy.  As with all their products, the artwork is fantastic, and i love the variety of styles, its a pleasure to just sit and look through these cards let alone the new challenges it adds with new masterminds to go up against, and new heroes to lead the war, it adds just enough in the form of new mechanics to not overload you, but add a little bit more to your game, which is a nice format i am enjoying, as when you think you have mastered a set, a new one drops, adds a Little more, a little variety, and then all the previous masterminds become relevant again as you try to take them down with new teams.

The amount of cards you get.. 370! is just epic for the cost and the amount of replayability it adds to an already solid game, and with such well known hereos, its pretty much a mus have for aLegendary fan.

with an RRP of £36.99 this expansion they will add hours of deck building let alone game play to your collection! so head over to your local game store and join the Civil war.


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