Star Monsters Series 2 Starter Set

Its not all Space ships, superheroes and dice rolling on here, sometimes I get to take a look at things Olivia really likes, (well apart from games) and Star Monsters happen to be one of those things.  She loves to collect them, and you can play games with them so its kind of gaming too.....

Take a look as Olivia checked out Series 1 Star Monsters

Olivia has been excited about series 2 hitting as soon as she found out from one of the local shops when she questioned why the supply was running low, and what was she to do with her pocket money with out Star Monsters... the store assistants response.... "Series 2"
This Series 2 starter is a perfect place to start your collection, or expand it at any time. Its excellent value for what you get inside, for £4, and bought individually would cost a lot more. 

time to let Olivia loose on it, and leave you in her experienced Star Monster hands to see what she thinks.......

 Inside the albulm is all the star monsters and each of them have their own little story too, and space for the stickers that come in the packs! i like that it, its really cool that my stickers have got a use now, and it shows me who i still need to collect as well.
 You have to be really careful putting the stickers in so its neat.
 You have to hunt the star monsters down, because you get different stickers in each pack and they do not always go with the Star monster you get, but that's OK i like putting the stickers in and getting my collection growing.
 There is not just stickers, but it tells me more about them with how they came here, and their power levels, plus showing games too!
 The big arena mat is super cool, on one side it shows pictures of all the star monsters, and the other side is a big fold game board to play on with all the different games to play.
 The Race is a new game, its a bit like snakes and ladders, but with more skill, and you get to flick the star monsters to see how far you move.
 Duel is fun, even though dad beat me first time, but i got him next game.  Then i played capsule and filled it up with all my other Star monsters.  Its good because i can play games like that by myself if i want to , to get better at it so i can beat Dad next time.
 Its easy to play the games as the mat tells you where everything needs to go and how to play as well.
I also got 6 Star Monsters in the set too, including super cool super rare one!!!!!

I love it, i want a shadow star monster now!, but  I am so happy i got a gold super rare!!! I love Star Monsters, they are perfect for pocket money toys, and so much fun for collecting, playing with, and sticker albums too.

From a Dads point of view, Starmonsters are perfect pocket money priced toys with plenty of uses, and if your youngling is into collectables, show them Star Monsters, they will love them.

Star Monsters are available from a number of national retailers, so go grab some for your little ones, there's a whole load of fun to be had for them, and lets be honest, flicking things to knock other things over never gets old!


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