Rorys Story Cubes review

Sometimes I get to look at things that are a bit on the stranger side of traditional "Gaming" and this is certainly one of those moments.  To us gamers it looks like a snazzy box with dice in them, but these are apparently "cubes" and they have a different purpose to our normal dice exposure....

so what does the manufacturer say about them and what are they?

imagine telling stories that are dynamic, interactive, fun and randomly generated. Imagine never being stuck for an idea ever again.
Rory’s Story Cubes is the original set that started the StoryCube movement and inspired creativity and storytelling across the globe.
Rory’s Story Cubes is the pocket-sized creative story generator that encourages creativity, develops social confidence, enhances language development skills and creates connections and unique moments between people young and old alike.
Housed in a compact magnetic box, StoryCubes are perfect for telling stories wherever you go. Take them traveling, to school, camping or even to the restaurant and tell a story while you wait.


Pocket sized creative story generator that encourages imagination and creativity.
Enhances language development and fosters co-operative play with others.
Roll the nine dice, look at the images and create fun, limitless stories with millions of combinations.
Magnetic snap lock case to keep your StoryCubes safe while on the go.
Great for bedtime stories, travelling activities and in the classroom.
For Ages 6+


Fun storytelling for family and friends, create magical moments with all generations, especially useful for the holidays.
Promoting literacy and language in the classroom – used and endorsed by educators across the globe.
Teaching Foreign Languages – endorsed by TEFL educators
Creative Writing aid – Used for improving creative writing skills and as a tool when hitting he dreaded writer’s block.
Background story generator in role playing games – Create background stories and character scenarios for your next role playing game.
Ice breaker – At a party or in a work meeting, break the ice by rolling the dice and create shared experiences.
Idea generation and problem solving –
Agile coaching –
Bedtime stories – Create unique stories and adventures with your little ones every night. Never run out of ideas.
Improves social connections – Encourages, empathy and self esteem through storytelling.

Box Contains

9 x 19 mm dice (each with 6 unique embossed images)
How to play guideline (Remember there are no rules)
Magnetic snap lock case, robust and ideal for carrying on the go.

So lets have a peek, and see what they are all about......

 Its pretty simple really..... 9 cubes, nice and hefty and with custom symbol engraving on them, and a little mini leaflet under the cubes giving you info on ways to play.
They give you a few ideas of how to play in the booklet....

Once Upon A Time…
The player takes all 9 of the cubes and rolls them. A single cube is selected and is the starting point of the story using the phrase, “Once upon a time..” A story is then created using the rest of the 8 cubes and told in such a way that each cube links to the next through the story’s narrative.

Title First, Story Second
The player comes up with a title for a story. For example, “The Best Day Ever” or “When Dogs Fly”. Then the player rolls the 9 cubes and uses the images to tell a story that relates back to the story’s title.

The Cooperative Story
Divide the cubes among all the players; it’s OK if one or more players have more cubes than the other players. The first player will roll their cubes and select on of the images on the cubes to use. This cube is placed in the center of the playing area and is visible to all the other players. The first player then starts a story using the cube played in the center. When they are done, they pass their turn to the next player who rolls their cubes, selecting one to place in the center of the playing area, and continues to tell the story, incorporating their story with the other player’s story. This continues until all the players have rolled their cubes and the story is completed.

The symbols don't have to be as literal as they appear, such as the aeroplane, sure it could be a plane, or it could representing flying in another way, or long distance travel, thats the freedom of the system, and of course there are plenty of ways to use them and play.

So i showed them Olivia, she was a bit puzzled at first...... it sort of went.... ohhh cool dice!! hang on these aren't normal dice... what... what do they do..... meh.... then when I explained it to her... she sort of nodded and gave it more of a whirl.   I explained about the symbols being more abstract as the stories where a bit formulaic as in oh i rolled a plane yeah i saw a plane and I flew... then after a few whirls she went away with it..... last few she has used to tell minecraft stories (shes started a minecraft club in school) to her they are less a game.... more a framing point for things. but then shes an odd child.

Its certainly something different, and can be pretty entertaining and amusing when used int he right circumstance, its fairly fun as a pub game, but the stories can become a bit more... adult then shall we say.  There are lots of good things they can be used for and are good for getting an imagination flowing.  If you are on a long journey with the younglings, these can be invaluable, let them roll them, get them thinking, get them distracted, foods running late at a restaurant? keep them occupied, with the pack being so small its easily pocket sized for such emergencies.

You can pick up a pack for £11.99  in your local game store and give them a whirl yourself, see what uses you can come up with!


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