Ascension Dawn of Champions deckbuilding game reveiw and unboxing

A while back I looked at one of the stand alone sets for Ascension.  It was Ascension, Realms unraveled.  today we are looking at the "main core" starter for the Ascension game.  It plays the same, so head on over here to take a look and get the ideas down on how its played.

And then I took at the 3rd edition core here

Now its time to take a look at another self contained expansion for the game with Dawn of Champions, like the others you do NOT need the core set, or any other expansions, it plays perfectly out of the box, but they are there to add more variety for you.  This one also has some new features that will add to the game.
It does say on the back 2-4 players, but the manual, which is fantastically laid out and easy to read by the way, does also include a SOLO mode, and you know I like games that have as an option.

30 min play time, seems about right from games I have played, they can go quicker or about that, rarely longer though.  Ages 13 and up again seems ok, Olivia isn't so interested in the card games, it means she has to read a lot, though she does enjoy watching them and helping where she can.

So what comes in the box? lets see.......

 The usual bits you would expect of an Ascension card game, a nice board, a wonderful rules book, ncie plastic honour tokens, and cards... and more... some little card coutners, and some over sized cards... now what are they?

 You get a set of various champions each aligned to a faction in the universe, and they can gain reputation... the little tokens are for that.  You can see it shows you what you do to gain it, and what powers become active when you have accumulated a certain amount. 

These heroes are optional to use so you can use them or not depending on your choice, but it can really add to the theme, as they reward you for collecting more of their sphere of cards.
 You get plenty of new cards, all with the familiar and really striking artwork style of the Ascension series, and some new dual class cards, that are fallen good guys, with a nice dual colour border, these again fit in nicely with gaining things for the heroes, but just as easily slot into any other deck or game expansion with no problems.
 with 200 new cards in here, it will really expand your collection and fun with the game, you do not have to play this as is, you can mix it with your other sets, and of course you can always play it solo too.  I enjoy just looking through the new cards at the art, I'm still a fan of it! and more so with each new set I see!
Once you have finished playing pack it up in the nice provided storage in the box, and pop it away, it hardly takes any time to set up and take down the game, which is something I really approve of.

Its a good game, its fun to play, doesn't take too long, , and has plenty of expandability in the future should you wish to having played this combined with the other sets I have it works great.  I really like the ability of the new hero cards that power up to give abilities, it helps you theme your decks, and the fact it works almost like a bolt on to use when you want, or not is great. The art is lovely old school style and something you do not really see in most games with its line drawing style and really adds a lot to the charm of it.

If you are a card game fan, its well worth picking up.

You can pick up your own copy from your local game store and give it a try! with an RRP of  £31.99 it shall provide you a good amount of expandable entertainment.

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