Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Protectorate Fighter ship build

Its quite a challenge sometimes deciding on the best build for your ship, you of course need to know the role she will perform, and add things to enhance her ability to work in that role.  Today we are looking at the Scums Protectorate fighter, and seeing how best to kit her out, and then use her.

As you can, simple choices.... but what are they and how do we use her? lets take a closer look......

The ship is naturally very fast and agile, and has a good 3 firepower as well.  I have taken Fenn due to pilot skill 9, so most of the time you will be moving last and shooting first letting you get into better positions and hopefully destroy your opponent in one salvo. You want to use the ships speed to get her close fast as in range one that 3 becomes a 4, and with Fenns ability it becomes 5!, and defending at range one defense becomes 4 giving you a nice lump of survivability.  For upgrades onlt a couple of cheap ones make this a devasting fighter.... The title Concord Dawn Protector lets you add an evade result if you are at range one and in you attackers firing arc, so then the ships rolling 4 dice, with 1 auto evade.... Its a ship you want ot keep in theri firing arc, as you go hell for leather to close the disttance.  Fearlessness helps improve the hitting power, as with Fenna t range 1 we are rolling 5 dice, and with thi s upgrade, if we are at range 1, (where we want to be) and in their firing arc we can add another hit to our result, so suddenly 5 dice with an auto hit look very very scary!!

Find a target, hopefully one you can take out in a good turn (TIE Fighters get eaten for breakfast) use your boost and barrel roll and speed to get into position in your enemies front arc, remember to look at their skill, and make sure you are firing first, then vaporise them!  If you dont take them down in one volley, you should be able to survive a round or two of shooting.  do not forget either to open up on the way in, as 3 dice is still pretty respectable on the way in, so you should have chipped a bit of damage off your enemy before you engage up close.

Take a look at the full pack and see what you can come up!


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