Star Wars X-Wing miniature Game Shadow Caster Ship build

Time to take a look at the Shadow Caster for the scum faction, and see how best we can equip her, and what role she can perform in your fleet.  As always only using the cards that come in the pack along with her.
Quite tooled out for this one, but all have their reasons..... lets take a closer look at them.......

righty.... Startin with Asajj she has an ability to that is innate to distribute stress out to targets in your mobile firing, arc.... its solid, tis free, it takes no actions, and helps to dictate your opponents movement limiting them from pulling a red move the next round.  The ships herself has good all round starts, and is super fast, and with the mobile firing arc you should be able to put yourself right where you need to be, and can always adjust your fire if needed.  This is helped by gyroscopic targeting as if you goat speed 3 or more you cn adjust  your mobile fire arc for free.

The Title Shadow Caster helps with the manipulation like adding stress, as if you hit a target in your mobile firing arc you can add a tractor beam token.

Black market slicer tools work with Asajjs ability to add stress, as for an action you can roll a die, and on a hit or crit put a damage card on your opponent, so it bypasses their shields, but you do have to remove the stress token from them.  Its certainly useful to plink away with though.

Lastly the Veteran instincts raises her PS to a respectable 8.  With the mobile arc, and high spedd you should be able to dictate the terms of engagement, and can add stres and tractor beams to further dictate your opponents movement.  Use these, and cause havoc with the solid firepower as it will mess up your enemies plans.

If you want to see whats in the full pack, take a look at the full pack

Then head on over to your local store and join the fight!


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