Seasonal Greetings and such likes!

A seasonal greeting to all of you! to all our old followers and new alike, friends far and wide, in New Zealand and America and where ever you may be, may the season be good, and many toys be provided for you by understanding family, and may you get much hobby time to enjoy games new and old alike.  Perhaps start a new project? or worse.... asses the pile of unpainted toy soldiers that await you for the new year.  If that's the case, why not join us in a 2017 painting challenge? pledge a number, and see what you can achieve keeping us all updated on the facebook page.
 Lets hope your Christmas has not ended up like this, I know mine did... dang lights! I didn't learn my lesson from last year.. chuck them in the box, its next years problem.. thanks past me.... douche!
Many thanks for following us through out the year, and best wishes from us here to you for the holiday season.


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