A Game of Thrones The card Game There is My Claim Chapter pack unboxing and review

Its that time again when we get to look into he latest chapter pack for A Game of Thrones the Card Game.  There is My Claim and see what wonders it adds to the game!

Like all the expansion packs you get 60 cards, 20 new ones, with 3 copies of each for your deck building.

“Valar morghulis,” she said once more, and the stranger in Jaqen's clothes bowed to her and stalked off through the darkness, cloak swirling. She was alone with the dead men.
–George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

There Is My Claim is the fourth Chapter Pack in the War of Five Kings cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game!

War wracks the Seven Kingdoms. Baratheon, Tyrell, Lannister, and Stark armies march into battle against each other, while Greyjoy raiders prey upon the coast and strike at undefended strongholds. Five kings have been crowned, and each will pursue his claim as long as he draws breath. Death is everywhere, in the gory aftermath of battles and the carnage wrought by pillaging soldiers. In the midst of all this tumult and destruction, one young girl receives a worn metal coin and first hears the fateful words: “Valar morghulis.”

There Is My Claim is the fourth Chapter Pack in the War of Five Kings cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, and it continues your journey through A Clash of Kings, the second book in George R.R. Martin’s epic saga. Here, you can evoke the turmoil of the War of the Five Kings with plenty of new cards that interact with Kings, even as the winter winds rise and the Summer and Winter plot traits become more important to your strategy. Finally, you also gain access to powerful new unique characters, including Jojen Reed, Pyat Pree, Jaqen H’ghar, and new versions of Stannis Baratheon and Aeron Damphair

So lets pop it open, and take a look!

 Starting with House Stark we get Jojen Reed..... a 3 cost 1 strength character with intrigue (very useful for the starks) and power challenge icons, and also stealth so he can slip in those attacks.  His reaction after he stands lets you look at the top of your deck and your opponents, then you can either discard them, or have each played draw a card.  This is useful as it lets you decided if you want your opponent to have that next card or not, though it does then cause a problem if you have a good card you want to use too, so you must think carefully, or perhaps you really want the card so you draw it, but you know your opponents getting an extra card that you have seen to, so you may be able to judge for it.

The wolf King is a 2 cost attachment that is for Stark Characters only, and it gives the attached character the King Trait, and they do not kneel when attacking in a military challenge, which can help give you an advantage by having them as both attacker and defender.

 The Nights Watch get the Shadow Tower Mason, a 2 cost, 1 strength character with the power icon.  But if you control 3 or more locations he gains all the other icons too, making him a cheap handy tri-icon character.

The Haunted forest is a 2 cost location and whilst standing it contributes 1 strength to the defending player, but if you lose its knelt.  This really helps with the theme of Nights Watch being solid defenders.
 The Targaryens get Pyat Pree, a 6 cost 4 strength character with intrigue and power, and a reaction that after you win a challenge in which he was participating you can search the top X of your deck for an event or attachment and add it to your hand, where X is the strength you won by.  Very useful, for pulling things out of the deck early.

Vaes Tolorro is a 1 cost location with an interrupt that whebn a character with 1 or more power is killed, kneel this card to move a power onto it, or 2 if that character had his strength reduced to 0.  This is a great way to save the power that would have been lost, so make sure if you have characters that can gain power that you have this card.
 House Martel get King Renlys Host, a 6 cost 4 strength army character with military and power icons, and intimidate.  If there is a summer plot out it gets +4 strength! making it hugely powerful when timed with the right plot card, but it cant attack with a winter plot out, so time it right.

Caswells Keep is a 2 cost location with a reaction that after you reveal a plot card choose a player (this could be you) look at the top two card of their deck, and put one on the bottom, and one on the top, so you know what you will draw, or you know what an opponent will draw.
 House Baratheon get a new version of Stannis, with cost 7, strength 6 military and power icons, and the king trait as well.  during power challenges any one participating that is a non king gets +1 strength so he's good to get out on the table.  He also has the reaction that after you win dominance, something you should be doing with Baratheon, you can choose a non loyal character and they can not stand during the standing phase, so he can lock down enemy characters.

Red Gods Blessing, is a 2 cost attachment that gives the attached character the Rhllor trait and they get +1 strength for each other Rhloor traited character you have, so this can really pump up s character in a themed force.
 House Martell get Elia Sand, a 3 cost character (winner of my art of the pack award) with an intrigue icon and 3 strength.  She has the reaction though that after you lose a challenge choose a character to gain stealth, its an odd thing, but Martell get good bonuses for losing, and playing the long game. 

Burnign on the sand is a 0 cost event that is a reaction, of after you lose an unopposed challenge (a bad thing) you can set the claim of the oppoents challenge to 0, so not really losing anything!
 House Lannister get Tanda Stokeworth a 3 cost 3 strength character that after she is marshalled lets you and each played gain 3 gold, and with Lannisters gold is always good.

Without his beard is a 0 cost event that can help you get more out of winning intrigue challenges, which is something Lannisters are good at, and forces your opponent to discard 3 cards at random, then draw 2, so it s a good way to thin out the deck.
 The Greyjoys get Aeron Damphair, a 6 cost 4 strength character with intrigue and power icons, and the reaction, after a character is saved either stand or kneel it, so good to stand yours, and great to kneel your enemies!

King Balons Solar is a 0 cost location that has the reaction after you win initative gain a gold, for 0 cost, its well worth including and can pay for itself in no time.
 The neutrals get 3 new cards, starting with Jaqen H`gar, who is 7 cost, 5 strength with all the icons!
He has 2 reactions as well, after he enters play place a valar Morghulis token on up to 3 different characters, and if he leaves play discard them.  Ok..... not great, until you hear his second one, After you win a challenge in which jaqen was participating choose and KILL a character with a Valar Morghulis token on it.  You REALLY need to make sure he is not winning challenges, or it is going to hurt!

Isle of Ravens is a 1 cost location that has the action... kneel it to choose a card in any players discard deck and shuffle it back into the owners deck...

Lastly we have a 2 cost attachment, King Beyond the wall.  This can only be put on a wildling character, and gives them the King trait.  When you attack a player with more power then you can raise your claim value by 1, making this great to get you back into a game.
Lastly we have one new plot card...... it has an income of 2, and initative and claim at 0.  Valar Morghulis, its a beast, it kills ALL characters, yours and theirs, so its really a large board wipe, you need to be brave to have this plot in your hand!

This is another great pack, I always enjoy looking at the new options it gives to the houses, and with neutrals getting more every pack too, you can really start to theme and tailor your decks to your own personal play style.  I'm really pleased with the new Stannis, and look forward to trying him out in particular, and some new tricks with Aeron Damphair as well.  A must have for players and that new plot card.. shudders.... not sure if I will be brave enough to try that for a while, but it sure will be entertaining watching an opponent who has a huge character choice get reset.... if a little evil, but then all men must die as they say!

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Head on over to your local game store to pick this up with an RRP of £13.99 it will add plenty to your game!


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