Jaipur from Asmodee games review and unboxing

Sometimes you just want to play something simple, fun and 2 player, where you don't have to spend time setting up, or taking down and its something that doesn't hurt your brain.  Perhaps something that's a good lunch time game in work? or a perfect introductory game for newer gamers.... well Jaipur covers all those slots.....
Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan. You are one of the two most powerful traders in the city.
But that's not enough for you, because only the merchant with two Seals of Excellence will have the privilege of being invited to the Maharaja's court.
You are therefore going to have to do better than your direct competitor by buying, exchanging and selling at better prices, all while keeping an eye on both your camel herds.

its card game for two seasoned traders!

Its a pretty simple game, but that does not mean its easy or lacks any depth..... lets take a look inside.

 The box is small, compact and travel sized, but has really nice inbuilt box control so everything is nicely stored, and there is no tokens to pop out as it is already done for you.
If you sell cards, you get to sell only one type of good per turn, and you get as many chips from that good as you sold cards. The goods tokens are really nice quality, and are taken when you trade in the colour corresponding cards to match.  The chips' values decrease as the game progresses, so you'd better hurry ! But, on the other hand, you get increasingly high rewards for selling 3, 4, or 5 cards of the same good at a time, so you'd better wait! its a real trade off....
 The cards are lovely quality, with really bright colourful art representing the different things you are trading, spices, silver, gold and so on.. and camels... yes camels. 

When it's your turn, you can either take or sell cards.
If you take cards, you have to choose between taking all the camels, taking 1 card from the market or swapping 2 to 5 cards between the market and your cards in your hand. 

Once you have enough cards that you want to sell you can use a sell action to do so, each good type has a range of chips which are stacked with the most valuable at the top and least valuable at the bottom. Selling the first piece of leather gets you 4 points, but the last 6 only get you 1! You also get a bonus chip depending on how many of the good you sold. Selling a single or two of a kind gets you nothing, but if you sell 3, 4, or 5 then you get the corresponding bonus chips, the more you sell at once the more points the chips are worth so its often worth saving up for big sales, but what is your opponent up to whilst you are doing this?? The rarer goods (gold, silver and gems) must be sold at least in pairs.

A round ends when either 3 stacks of good chips have run out or when the entire deck of goods is empty. Then you add up the points from your chips, a bonus 5 point chip goes to the player with the most camels in their herd.  Then you play again, the game is normally played in the best of 3 format.

 Its a really simple game in concept to play, but it is tough to master, do you sell soon with only one card, or go for multiple match's to increase your tokens, but then you are swapping, so you may be laying down cards that your opponent can take and use themselves for getting goods.

Its a surprisingly fun little game, with plenty of thought needed, but not to the point where you will burn your brain up, its fast paced and you can easily get through the best of 3 games needed in half an hour or so.  it looks great art wise, with lovely components, and is simple enough for all ages to enjoy, and with enough thought for even the most tactical minded gamer to enjoy.  Easy for new players or old its well worth picking up!

You can pick up a copy with an RRP of £17.99 from your local game store and join in the fun.

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