Final Touch from Asmodee Games unboxing and Review

Art.... I was never any good at it at school, in fact I dropped it as soon as possible as I can barely draw a stick man.  Therefore drawing games have never really been my thing, as I am rubbish.... but Final Touch lets me create masterpieces without me needing to pick up a pencil or a brush.... so lets take a look at this game then....

To earn your living as an artist — that would really be something. But what can you do if you're not creative?
In Final Touch, players hire themselves out as art forgers willing to copy the masterworks of great artists, with all of them competing to create — or rather, re-create — the same image. But only the player who uses the right colors to finish the image will receive money for their work, and this skill is sure to reveal the best painter...or the best bluffer...
In more detail, players play "Touch of Color" cards from their hand to either improve or smear the forgery, working both together and against their fellow painters. The first player to put the final touch on any forgery in the making earns the money for that forgery, while smearing pays out to their opponents and moves them on to the larger paydays. The first artist to earn $25 by putting the final touch of paint on a forged painting wins!

Its a fast playing card game for 2-4 players with a play time of around 15 minutes or less, and recommended age of 8 and up, though Olivia (7) had it down with no problem. 

Lets take a look see what's inside, and how it plays..........]

 inside the box you get an instruction sheet, paint cards and the masterpiece cards, all with nice box control in a travel friendly sized box, so its perfect for popping round a friends or taking to work to play in your lunch time.
 The masterpiece cards are double sided, on one side is the finished piece and its value when completed, and the other side tells you the colours needed to complete it and the value if its smeared.
 Then you have the paint cards..... these form your player hand.
 When you have set the game up it looks like this, you have the current in play masterpiece, and you can also see what is coming next if you want to prepare yourself.

you deal 5 paint cards to each player and begin the game... it plays very simply.... Each turn you MUST play a card to either improve the piece, by playing a card the matches the required colours... OR smearing the piece by playing a colour that is not on the list of the current masterpiece in play.  The last player that plays the needed improvement card gains the masterpiece for that value, or if it smeared 3 times, the last player to smear gains it for a lesser amount of points.  Then you draw cards back up to 5 for your hand, so since you are always playing one card a turn, you are always drawing one card as well.  When the piece is either completed, or smeared, remove it and add the next one and carry on, discarding all cards in the completion and smearing zones.  As soon as a player has amassed £25 worth of art they win.
You can see here I am trying to ge my painting finished, but Olivia would rather smear it... git!

Its simple to play,. fast, and surprisingly fun when you get going.... the art is full of character of the two artists arguing with each other over which is quite amusing.  Its a very simple game to teach and play, and pretty fun too....  you need to decided do I go for the painting, ruin it? or save my cards for the next one coming, so there is thought to it, buts not massively in depth.  Its a nice fun thematic filler game perfect for a quick play and suitable for all ages, its another great gateway game to get friends or family members into the hobby.

Olivia Says.....

Its really easy to play I don't have to read anything just match colours, but I do need to think about what to play, its most fun to smear a  panting when dad has nearly completed it!

You can pick up a copy with an RRP of £13.99 from your local game store and join in the fun.

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