Star Trek Attack Wing Kumari Andorian battle cruiser unboxing and review

The Kumari was an Andorian battle cruiser that was in service with the Andorian Imperial Guard during the mid-22nd century. It was named after the first ice cutter to circumnavigate Andoria, and was the first starship of her class.

The Kumari was put under the command of Commander Shran in 2142.

The Kumari was capable of speeds in excess of warp 5 and was armed with advanced weaponry and a tractor beam. In 2154, the ship had a crew complement of 86.

In December 2153, the Kumari entered the Delphic Expanse in search of the Earth starship Enterprise NX-01. After spending several weeks following Enterprise's warp trail, the Kumari rendered assistance in capturing a Xindi prototype superweapon. It was only discovered later that the Andorians intended to take the weapon for themselves, though Enterprise's captain Jonathan Archer prevented Shran from doing so by detonating the prototype. The Kumari escaped destruction, but suffered heavy damage.

On February 14, 2154, the Kumari followed the trail of the Xindi superweapon and lent assistance to Enterprise's attempt to destroy the weapon before it could attack Earth. The Kumari engaged and destroyed Commander Dolim's Xindi warship, providing a critical diversion to allow Archer's team to board the weapon and destroy it.

Later that year, the Kumari was assigned to lead a covert task force of five warships inside a nebula, monitoring local space. Attempting to warn Shran of the Vulcan intent to invade Andoria, Enterprise located the Kumari with the help of Vulcan Ambassador Soval. Though Shran was initially reluctant to trust Soval and the Enterprise crew, he eventually agreed to pass their information on to the Imperial Guard. While the Imperial Guard ultimately agreed to redeploy its forces to counter the invasion, the Kumari was but only one ship in a small and hastily deployed fleet consisting of Enterprise and five other Andorian vessels. The fleet, however, succeeded in holding off a dozen Vulcan cruisers at the Battle of Andoria long enough for Archer, back on Vulcan, to provide information leading to the removal of Administrator V'Las, leader of the Vulcan High Command and main proponent of the invasion. The Kumari drew fire away from Enterprise on at least one occasion during the battle.

While escorting the Andorian ambassador to the trade conference on Babel in November 2154, the Kumari was destroyed by a Romulan drone-ship posing as a Tellarite vessel. Only 19 of the 86 crew members, including Shran and Lieutenant Talas, managed to get away in escape pods. They were later rescued by Enterprise, where Shran and Archer held a toast to the ship, commenting on the futures of both of their ships.

Lets take a look and see what we get!

 The Kumari is for the independent faction, and looks great in its box, I was very excited about this ship as I was a fan from the series Enterprise.
 As always you get all the tokens you need to use your ship.

The ship is fairly nimble,  with only 3 red moves, one being the come about.  You get the generic Andorian battle cruiser, and the named Kumari.  She has good balanced stats so should not feel too far out of her depth in combat.  Her named ability lets you perform an evade or scan action even if you have an auxiliary power token. 

For Captain we have Thy'Lek Shran.  He is skill 6, and his ability is innate and each time you take an evade or scan action a friendly ship within range 1 also gets the appropriate one as a free action, though at the cost of an auxiliary power token by your ship, so he's great for formation flying.  We also get a generic Andorian captain that can be used for other independent ships.

Diversion is the elite talent for the pack.  When an enemy ship declares an attack against a friendly ship at range 1 of your own ship, and you are also in their firing arc, you can discard it to make the enemy attack you instead at -2 dice, so its a good way to soak up some damage, and try to nullify to keep your other ships fighting.

For Weapon upgrades we have the particle cannon array.  Its attack 4, range 1-3 and only has 2 time tokens, so its a boost over your primary weapons, does not use your target lock, and is good long range firepower as you close the distance.

The other weapon is the attack 5 advanced weaponry.  Again its range 1-3, requires a target lock and 3 time tokens to recharge.  If you inflict a critical damage you may search the deck for either a munitions failure, or weapons malfunction, reducing the amount of return fire available, which when you look at the support, and defensive nature of this ship is great.

Talas is crew, and again she works in a supporting role.  When a friendly ship in range one of yours is targeted you may discard her to target that ship, and it may use your evade or battle stations token as if its theirs.

For tech we have long range  sensors.  Whilst defending if you have a scan token besides your ship you may disable them to gain an extra defence dice.  Tractor Beam is an action and discard that allows you to target a friendly ship at range 1.  It may then perform an extra green manoeuvre with a speed of 1, and they get an extra defence dice.

Overall you can this is a solid ship, and can be a good gunboat with the weapon upgrades, or work really well as a support ship in your fleet.

The mission is a 2 player one, the battle of Andoria, again adding some great scenario specific rules and letting you try something different.

The ship itself is excellent looking, I love it.
it looks great from every angle

Its certainly one of my favourite looking models now, it does have details, and you may say the paint is quite flat, but it looks just how it did in the show so I am happy.

You can pick one up by finding your local game store here with an RRP of £11.99.  It provides an excellent boost to the independent fleet, and a boost to era specific gaming in the form of the Enterprise show era.  Grab one, have fun with it!

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