Thursday, 11 February 2016

Star Trek Attack Wing IKS Rotarran ship build

Qapla' and welcome once more to the shipyards. We are looking at the IKS Rotarran today, and will be following all regulations for her refit for battle, using only cards in the pack, and no more then 50 points.  Then we shall look at how and where she can be used in your fleet to bring glory to the Empire!! Qapla' warriors of the empire!
 Here are the cards, so lets dig in with a  bit of a closer look.

 The named ship provides our base, with her ability to make another manoeuvre she can get you out of trouble when you need to, which is good, as cloaked the ship is fragile.  Martok sits in command of the vessel, giving us a nice discount on the rest of the cards, and letting us give up a dice for a guaranteed hit in combat.  Worf is his first officer, giving him a plus 3 captain skill making him a skill 10, even better then Picard!  and he can always take over if need be.
Photon Torpedoes add some punch when needed, and can be unloaded at range to keep the firepower high.  When needed the Day is ours can be used to add that extra critical hit to your result to cause as much damage as possible and destroy your enemies.  Lastly we have Leskit, he can turn the red come-about manoeuvre in to a green one, causing a nasty surprise for an opponent who may think it will cause an auxiliary power token.

As with all birds of prey they are fragile if cloaked, but they manoeuvre well, and they hit hard as well, they need to stalk their opponents, and hit them hard when they decloak.  This ship will defiantly add some more punch to your forces.  And of course.... Martok is just a great character.

Have a look at the other cards that come in the pack here, and find out where you can add one to your fleet, its a great ship and a must have for any collector, and will bring glory to the Empire!

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