Monday, 1 February 2016

Star Trek Attack Wing Delta Flyer Ship Build

Welcome once more to the Federation Fleet yards.  We have the Delta Flyer in for refit today, so lets look at what we can build to get the best out of her.
 Starting of course with the named ship, the Delta Flyer herself.... she lets you fire your primary weapons from the rear arc at minus one attack dice, which can prove handy.  What are the downsides of her though? she is fragile, but do not worry, we have some tricks here at the fleet yard to bring up to fighting spec.  For Captain Tuvok will take the con, he is skill 5 so middle of the board, but he adds an important tech slot and gives us a discount which will prove useful.  B'Elanna is there to be disabled to cancel out that damage that's coming through, but with only 2 shields will be any use? wait and see.....

 To make the most out of B'Elannas ability we have added the Unimatrix shielding, and immersion shielding boosting this tiny ships shields up an impressive 6! That is more than the Enterprise!  With B'Ellans ability to deactivate one to soak up damage we have plenty more to take any hits that get through.  Seven of Nine is there when we want to achieve maximum damage on our attacks, and can be used with primary weapons
Or when we use the Photonic missiles, that can put an auxiliary power token on your target and be fired from front or rear arcs.

With the amount of shields on this little ship, she can sit and fight in the line of the battle with the big ships no problems, but is nimble enough to get behind them and cause havoc.  She may only be a shuttle but you can not overlook her.  The only thing to remember is that she can only go at speed 3, so she will get left behind potentially in a formation.

Have a look at the other cards that come in the pack here, and find out where you can add one to your fleet, its a great ship and a must have for any collector.

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