Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Star Trek Attack Wing USS Yeager ship build

The Yeager is a surprising little ship, with some nice little surprises.  Its not a ship of the line, so how can we use it?  Lets take a look.  Following the normal rules of no more then 50points per ship, and only the cards in the pack I threw together a solid little build that performs a role well suited to it.
We start with the named ship, her ability lets us use Torpedoed with out having to disable them, so we can target lock and volley each turn to increase firepower.  For captain we have....

Ben Maxwell.  Skill 7, so not a slouch with an elite talent.  He allows you to change your manoeuvre at the cost of discarding him, it can be used as a last resort if you get into trouble, otherwise he's a nice high skill captain.  for Talent we have Pre-emptive strike, for a discard action it allows you to target a ship and roll 3 dice, any hits or crits damage the ship with no defence dice! Then you can attack as normal as well, so a good way to try and strip shields, or finish a wounded enemy before firing on another ship.

For Crew we have Elizabeth Shelby, she lets you reroll a blank defence dice, adding a bit more survivability in your fleet, and if your facing Borg you roll an extra defence dice and can re-roll all your blanks! very handy indeed.  Our last crewman is Reginald Barclay.  He is an action disable, you roll 3 defence dice, for each evade result repair one damage to your hull.  You may roll none, you may roll 2 or 3 so it is a risk, but can really pay off.  If you repair two you also get an auxiliary power, if you repair 3 he is discarded, so it is risky but can save your ship.

This is a solid ship for flanking, and darting in, being one of the few federation ships with a come about she can prowl the flanks, whilst the main battle line engages, then dart in with her preemptive strike, and a blast of weapon fire before pulling out again.  A great little ship