Smart Egg Spider 1 Layer Labyrinth Puzzle from Possible Games

You may remember a while back we looked at the Smart Eggs here.  Puzzles where you must navigate the wand from the top to the bottom by feel of the wand alone.  The ones we tried earlier where the low level ones, so now its time to try something a little tougher.

Though still only 1 layer, its a level 14, so a big jump from the previous ones we have tried.

As with the others on the back it tells you all you need to play, nice and simple.  and shows you some other ones available.  The fact that the art designs are different, as well as the level of challenge means you can get a collection of them if you enjoy them.

 I like the design on this one.  It is hard though, I've had this for around 3 days so far, and its been on my desk at work (and borrowed by other colleagues) and I still have not cracked it yet.  The others I could fly through in seconds (once figured out) but this is tough!.  I have not given up though, it sits there next to me, and when there's a quiet moment, I pick it up, and see if I can someone solve it.  Not yet though! but I will.....

These higher level ones are a big step up in difficulty, and challenge level, which is good, as its certainly keeping me going, and will add into your collection as a new and very tough challenge.  When you have mastered it though, you can try the time trials. Set your phones timer up, and go, challenge your friends, or colleagues and family, its  fun, and the timer element leads to a nice bit of competition and pressure as well.

If you found the earlier ones too easy, try this one! or if you haven't had a go at one, pick a couple up with different difficulty levels so you can get into the mind-set of these products.  Its good to see more variety of them coming out!

The RRP for them is £5.99 they available at your local Waterstones, and will make a great stocking filler or secret Santa present to your work friends, as you can use it too then, and if they like them there is a whole range of different ones with different looks and a different puzzle in each, and the harder ones are very challenging!


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