Star Trek Attack Wing Halik Raider Ship build

Today  we take the Kazon Halik raider into the shipyard to get her fir for duty.  As always we follow the rules of no more then 50 points per ship, and only using the cards that come in the pack, we shall see what we can come up with and how she can be used.
 So here is what we start with... lets see what they are and how we can use them.....

Firstly we begin with the named ship of course.  The Halik raider allows you to disable an active shield to get an extra two defence dice.  This could prove very handy, certainly at long range where you get the bonus defence dice, so you can potentially be rolling 5 dice!  This does need to be weighted up against the damage coming in though, as that shield could be used to soak it up.  It is a risk, but sometimes you have to gamble to survive.

Surat is there to provide a solid captain skill, and also add the scan action to the action bar, as it is handy to drop the enemies defence dice when you go to attack.  for crew we have Kazon Guards,
There job is to give an extra evade when it is needed, if you are about to be hit by a big ship, you can evade for an action, discard the kazon guards for another one, and use the Haliks ability for the potential to counter a minimum of 2 hits, and possibly 6.

 I have kitted the ship out with weapon systems, it has the aft torpedo launcher, to provide full 360 coverage, and it hits harder than the primary weapons as well, so you can fly by, angle your ship right and surprise them with the torpedoes.  The other main weapon on the ship are the Photonic charges, they are a 3 attack weapon, but can cause an auxiliary power if they hit, and with variable yield charges you can increase the power of them to put out more punch when needed.

The Halik raider is actually quite a flexible little ship, she can punch way above her weight with the added weapon systems,  is very nimble, and can pull some defensive tricks to survive as well.  She is not a ship of the line, but is more then capable as a flanking ship to cause plenty of havoc with her 360 firing arc, and the fact her weapons are on timer tokens means you do not have to use those actions to re-enable them, so you can concentrate on moving and picking away at your opponent.

To Take a look at the full Halik Raider pack, and where to pick one up take a look here

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