Star Trek Attack Wing RIS Apnex Romulan Science Vessel Build

The Apnex is a tiny little Romulan ship, in size and stats.  but does that mean its useless? with the right build no.... and here is my attempt, again following the 50pt rule, not a problem here with the Apnex.....

As you can see its really manoeuvrable, no red manoeuvres on it at all, a white come about, this thing is nimble, but look at its stats... it NEEDS to be.

onto the ship....

Taking the named Apnex gives its special ability the chance to be used, its a 14pt ship so you are not breaking the points bank with it, and its inbuilt ability though one use only can prove handy.

The Apnex can detonate itself inflicting a damage on everything within range one of itself, and itself as well.  It is then limited to only speed one as it limps out of battle.  Its useful if a ship is on one hull point then zoom in a detonate it.  It can cloak, its a dangerous option as cloaked with only 2 hull it can easily be blown away in a single volley, though the same can be said for it uncloaked.  Adding Mirok to help its survivability is good as he can repair a damage if you keep in range of friendly ships.

The main weapon of only one dice is not going to rock worlds, but hey its still worth throwing, most Klingon ships and even the enterprise are only throwing one defence dice so chip away, your small enough and manoeuvrable enough to get into range one out of arc.  And when your there you can use the potentially scariest thing the Apnex carries.....

The muon feedback wave... when you drop it on a ship at range one it takes damage based on the speed of manoeuvre it takes next and has to waste an action to get rid of it as well, so potentially nasty, as you can move and drop it onto a higher pilot skill ship as you move first then just hope hes heading to a high speed!

Varel is there to add some survivability as well, she can cancel an attack which is handy when you roll under the big guns of the large warships.

Its a really fun little ship, it will take some finesse to use, but I see potential used right, its sneaky, but then as Worf said "Romulans are with out honour!"


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