Star Wars Armada CR90 Corvette unboxing

Today we look at the CR-90 for Star Wars Armada, if you know what Armada is you know its excellent, if you do not know then take a look here

The first starship to appear in the classic Star Wars trilogy, the CR90 Corellian corvette is a small capital ship of roughly 150 meters that featured prominently in the Rebellion, largely due to its versatility. Often referred to as “blockade runners,” CR90 corvettes can be outfitted to slip through Imperial blockades, haul cargo, serve as trooper carriers, or engage Imperial ships in battle.
You do get one of these in the core set, but here is the Wave 1 expansion, it comes with new cards to add some more options.

Lets see what you get to add to the Rebel forces......

 Packaged in a clam shell pack with some good art, the ship is as you can see tiny, but then, in the scale of things its far from the biggest ship.
 Once you have got into the packaging you get a bag with the base, command dials and pegs needed.  Plus plenty of tokens as always with FFG games.  You can see looking at the ship base card the CR90 has a wide front arc, which should make it easy to position for front and side shots on your enemy to maximise firepower.
 The same ship cards come in this as did in the core set, the Corvette A, and B.  The A has longer range firepower, and different slots for upgrades for the B.
You get a new Admiral option for the rebel fleet in the pack in the form of Mon Mothma.  At 30 points she is more pricey then our previous Admiral Dodonna.  Her ability lets you use your evades at medium range, and get a benefit though smaller from them at close range.  This is a great ability, as most rebel ships have evade defence tokens, so they can close in the range and engage with the same amount of survivability.
Raymus Antilles is a fantastic choice for this ship as he lets you gain a command token of the same type without spending your dial.  This way you can stock up with things for when you need it.  Nav Team allows your navigate tokens to count as either a speed change or a yaw change which is very useful.  Leading shots lets you spend a blue dice to reroll any of your others, it could be useful in the right circumstance to at least try and get some damage through.  Electronic countermeasures helps out whilst defending by allowing you to spend a defence token that the enemy has targeted with an accuracy.
 H9 Turbolasers let you change a dice face of a hit or critical into an accuracy, which is handy if you want to stop that defence token getting used, though of course its one less damage going on to the ship.  Lastly we have 2 titles, Jainas Light, which lets you ignore the effects of overlapping obstacles, so no damage form parking on an asteroid, and your attacks can not be obstructed, so you can fly in, through, over any terrain and still fire with full effect whist getting cover from any return fire.  The last title is the classic Tantive IV.  She allows you to pass a command token to a friendly ship at distance 1-5 instead of you getting it yourself.
 The ship itself is the same one seen in the core set, its a great little model full of detail.
 mounted on her stand with the shield tokens attached she looks excellent.
If you already have a core set, it is Still well worth getting this pack for the extra cards, new officers and Admiral, plus of course another great little ship that can punch above its weight.

You can pick one up by finding your local game store here

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