Ridend Project I from Tor Gaming's Relics

Good day everybody, Hephesto here again with something a bit different this time.  Over the course of the holidays I've doing some inventory of the miniatures pile and, to say things mildly, I've gotten a tad concerned with just how many unfinished models and projects I have around. So some of the goals for my hobby year will involve clearing out some of the unused stuff, sorting out 1+ hobby, charity project (probably something along the lines of last years Little Heroes for Little Heroes - link) and finishing some actual, even if just small, projects. Heck I think I have around a dozen small factions from various, skirmish-level games around that need/deserve attention.
One of these projects centers around Tor Gaming's Relics (link), a skirmish-level game with around 20-30 models per player. Now I really enjoy the setting of the world and the core mechanics of.....

 the game, but for some reason the painting and hobby work on these has lagged behind massively due to all sorts of random distractions, cool models and fairly limited gaming opportunities.

In order to combat this, as well as justify backing the crowdfunding project for the newest Lovecraft-inspired faction (link), I've opted to try and build/paint one of factions on my Relics to do-list. This should be both fun as the Ridend faction has some very lovely designed and characterful models, but will also hopefully help me get my actual hobby pace and focus up a bit
Over the last week and a half this pile of metal models have turned from lazy, just sitting around lumps of metal, into fully build and undercoated works of art. Really like the combination of medieval design and inspiration drawn from Bryan Froud's work on Labyrinth, though these goblins aren't quite a wicked as Jareth's minions.

It's rather amusing to see just how quickly models start to come together with even the most basic of undercoats applied.
It can also lead to surprises, in this case discovering just how much detail and layers there are on the Ladies of the Court models. These may very well turn out to be my favorites of the bunch, their synergistic role with other Knightly units naturally also helps.
Now will I be able to actually finish all of these by the end of the C'thu Kickstarter project in 14 days, maybe. Would it mean finishing more models in a single month than the three before it combined, most definitely. Regardless, it will result in more models painted than newly bought and it definitely also feels rather good to get some actual paint on these lovely miniatures!

In the next project post I'll be having a closer look at what this what Relics game is all about, who these Ridend fellows are and what other factions walk around in this magically devastated world. Closer towards the end of the month I'll also be posting a big progress update on the project, hopefully with finished models.

Finally I hope everybody is having a fantastic, general and hobby-related year thus far! Any projects you are working on the new year helped to get back on track?



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