Friday, 8 January 2016

Star Trek Attack Wing IKS Maht-H`a Vor`cha Class build

The Klingons have some of the coolest ships and characters in Star Trek.  So today im looking at the Vor`cha class ship for my Attack Wing fleet.  As in previous builds I am following the tournament standard rules of no more then 50pts per ship, and here is what I have I have come up.
I am taking the named ship over the generic as for only 2 points more you get another shield and the inbuilt ability of the ship.

The Maht-H`a is a fairly nimble ship for its size, not as fast as the galaxy class but can turn better and has a come about manoeuvre as well.  It has good firepower of 5, like most Klingon ships not much in the defence stakes, but solid hull, and the ships inbuilt ability is ships attacking you at range 1 roll one dice less so you can afford to get up close and personal, just as a good Klingon captain should.
The ship can also cloak, and sensor echo and target lock and evade.
Nu`daq is the captain I have picked just to add more punch in combat by converting a battlestation to a hit for free on each attack.
For weapon upgrades I have added the Photon Torpedoes that add an extra attack when fired from a Vor`cha class ship giving a 6 attack Photon barrage. nicer and brutal as you close in and can fire 6 at primary weapons at range 1.

To add extra punch in the tech slot is the advanced weapon system, which means I can disable this to keep my cloak up when I attack making me more survivable, close in fire a barrage from my super torps as I come in close,  use my advanced weapons to stay cloaked, close in and use my action to re-enable it and slug it out at point blank range.