Marts Book Corner : Nemesis - Max Hastings

Today we look at another ww2 history book by Max Hastings, on a subject not often covered by British authors.  The war in the Pacific and Far East is somewhat of a forgotten war to the British even though large numbers of our troops fought and died there.

A narrative history of the climactic battles of the Second World War, and companion volume to......

 ‘Armageddon’, by the military historian Max Hastings. The battle for Japan that ended many months after the battle for Europe involved enormous naval, military and air operations from the borders of India to the most distant regions of China. There is no finer chronicler of these events than the great military historian Max Hastings, whose gripping account explores not just the global strategic objectives of the USA, Japan and Britain but also the first-hand experiences of the airmen, sailors and soldiers of all the countries who participated in the Far East and the war in the Pacific. The big moments in the story are chosen to reflect a wide variety of human experience: the great naval battle of Leyte Gulf; the under-reported war in China; the re-conquest of Burma by the British Army under General Slim; MacArthur’s follies in the Philippines; the Marines on Iwojima and Okinawa; LeMay’s fire-raising Super-fortress assaults on Japan; the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the kamikaze pilots of Japan; the almost unknown Soviet blitzkrieg in Manchuria in the last days of the war, as Stalin hastened to gather the spoils; and the terrible final acts across Japanese-occupied Asia. This is classic, epic history — both in the content and the manner of telling.

As always, its well written, interesting, and informative.  The style of writing makes it easy to enjoy and absorb.  It provides much information on the war in the far east that is oft times overlooked.  It is a must have for any fan of ww2 history, especially if you lean towards the pacific theatre of war.  The content describes the battles in detail from a higher level, and a soldiers perspective, and there is plenty in here that can be translated to the table for our miniature soldiers to fight over.


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