Thursday, 10 September 2015

Star Trek Attack Wing Romulan Prototype 01 Drone ship build

The Romulan drone ship is an interesting one for sure, with 3 across the board its stats are solid and it can manouver really well.  Not too fast but it sure is nimble, look at at that dial, not a single red on there.
So we start with the named ship, its ability to repair itself for free is invaluable. For captains we take Gareb, he is an unusal one as his skill is based on the captain he mimics, so here is a skill 6 captain for 1 point. not bad.  For his special talent we have core overload so its there if you need to need to unleash it to take a few ships down with you.
Now the rest of the build....

 This  ship is tech heavy, and has some great options, so I have added reinforced hull plating.  Its an action less disable to cancel a hit or crit, very very handy! Combined with manoeuvring thrusters, another action less disable you can get an evade.  So that's 2 hits cancelled straight away.
 Of course there are other tricks this ship has to survive, such as multi spectral emitters, action less again, you disable it to add two evade dice for 5 evade dice, 6 at range 3.  Bu why though your shileds are down? not if you use the backup sequencer straight after to raise your shields again! combined with reinforced hull plating that's 5 evade dice and a straight up hit or crit cancel.  If you had evade for your action as well this ship is hard to hit!
Here I put in the propulsion matrix just add some speed to the ship.

There are so many options to try with this ship, its great fun!