Star Trek Attack Wing Borg ScoutCube 608 unboxing

Today we look at the smallest of the Borg vessels, the Borg Scout Cube.  It may only be a scout, but it is still Borg, and has the potential to be quite scary.

 lets get stuck in and see what it brings!

 another good old slab of tokens! including the Borg tokens that you use for captain skill.
 Now as you can see it moves in a whole different way to any other ship we have looked at before! we will come back to that, do not worry you get an additional rules card that explains it.  Scout cube 608 has good firepower, good agility, low hull and good shields, so you cant expect it to soak up a fleets worth of fire, you have to fly her right.  The named ships ability allow you to perform additional green or white manoeuvre at the cost of a discard of an upgrade.  I do not like discarding, but I can see its use if you need to bug out and regenerate. You get a generic drone captain that starts with one token on him.  Borg tokens are used for certain actions that state they require them, and as you sue them your captain skill decrease accordingly.  If you start with 3 tokens, you are captain skill 3, spend one and you are captain skill 2 and so on.  Then we have Tactical Drone, he starts with two tokens, and each time you defend you can spend one to roll an attack dice to put a bit of damage back on your enemy.  Last captain we have is Third of Five, who starts with 3 tokens.  You can discard one to add an evade dice to your pool.
 We get 3 crew cards in the back, all are action discards, which are not my favourite, but can prove useful.  Fourth of five allows you to disable two enemy shields and 2 upgrades of your choice. Second of Five allows you to discard him and an upgrade of your choice on an enemy ship.  Third of five allows you to disable all enemy crew upgrades on an enemy ship.  There are two tech upgrades, the Subspace Beacon that allows all friendly ships to get a scan action in range 1-3 which is useful in fleet actions.  The last tech upgrade is Long Range Scan, which if attacking at range 3 with a scan token besides your ship you can spend this to convert an enemy battlestations or evade result into a blank. The only weapon card in the pack is magnometric guided charges, we have seen this before on the Trager/assimilated vessel.  A good weapon that an enemy can not roll defence dice against.
 We get two Borg upgrades, the borg alcove which as an action allows you to add a drone token back to your captain.  And scavenged parts which allows you to get a drone token back when you have an upgrade that is discarded.  It also comes with an additional rules card explaining drone tokens and borg upgrades.
 Here we see how the Borg ship moves, imagine a rook/castle in chess, It moves forward or backwards, or turns and moves left or right in straight lines, no banks or curves. It makes the movement hard to predict and efficient, like Borg should be.
 As all retail ships it comes with a mission, Invasive Programming, two players, looks like a lot of fun.
 Now the ship, its very detailed, and for once apretty good paint job, considering what it is meant to look like.
 Lots of detailed pipe work
 There is plenty to see of the ship from each angle
A great addition to the fleets, and the beginnings of the collective!


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