Dystopian Wars Russian Coalition Painted Novgorod Class Frigate

The Novgorod Class Frigate operates in a radically different fashion to the majority of frigates around the world, boasting a curious circular hull that affords it unmatched manoeuvrability.

It has taken a while but finally brush and paint hit model.  It is a tiny little model, but nicely detailed as you can see well enough yap onto some pictures!

I took the pictures whilst the wash was still wet as I was rather excited at having finished something!
 as you can see there is detail everywhere on this model frm little door hatches to rivets.

 a good view of all the pipe work, it is a very small model for the detail level

For scale here is a pic next to one of my mordheim crew.  It was a a fun model, now only another 8 to go! 


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