Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Star Trek Attack Wing Gavroche Unboxing

The Gavroche is a Maquis raider that was used by the Federation turn coat officer Michael Eddington.
The ship is one of the blind boosters so is not a retail ship, meaning no mission and limited cards, but it is a good one in my opinion and combined with the Val Jean makes a nice pair of Maquis ships.
So whats in the pack? lets take a look and see

As always the usual tokens needed
Then the cards...
 As you can see the raider is a nimble ship, with a come about, in fact that is the only red manoeuvre on the dial.  You get a generic captain, and the generic raider.  Then the Gavroche herself.  Apart from a low firepower she is 3 across the board.  Her special ability is an action that allows you to disable up to two crew to gain an extra attack dice for each crew disabled.  For the captain we get Michael Eddington, you place 3 mission tokens on him at the start of the battle.  For his action you target a ship at 1-3 and you discard a token to force that ship to roll minus 2 attack dice.  Its handy to minimise the firepower coming at you.  The elite talent in the pack is Hijack, for an action discard you steal a tech or weapon from an enemy ship.
 WE get two crew in the pack, Lon suder who is a disable and spend your battlestations to add an extra attack dice, and Sakonna who adds an extra weapon slot and reduces your weapons cost by 2.  For weapon for the ship we have the focused particle beam, a 3 attack weapon, but can be more.  If you roll all 3 hits or crits on your attack you keep rolling dice, one at a time, until you stop getting hits or you get up to 3 in a row.  So the weapon can potentially do 6 damage.
 The model is the same as in the Val Jean, a nice detailed model, but as always could do with a wash

A good little pack with some fun additions to try, and a great character from DS9 in Eddington.