Jungle Speed card game by Asmodee games review

Today we look at Jungle speed from Asmodee games.  A fast paced card game suitable for family fun of all ages to adult parties.
 The box gives its age rating of 7 plus, Olivia is 6 and she got this game very quickly.  However do not dismiss this game due to the low age rating, its fun for all.  The play time was about right, sometimes less, and we tried it with 2 and 3 players, though more would make it more hectic.
 The game is so simple to learn the back of the box explains most of it!  Now to look and see what is inside....

 inside you get a set of cards for the game, a nice wooden totem, and a great looking bag to keep it all in.
 You also get a thin rules pamphlet that tells you all you need to know to play it, with pictures to show how easily it plays.
 So how does it play? The basics are that once the cards have been divided into equal piles for all the players, one player begins  by flipping a card face up. Then the next player does likewise. The game progresses in similar fashion until 2 players are showing the same symbol. When this happens you go for the Totem that is set up in the middle, and the first player to grab it  gives all their face up cards to the loser. They go on the bottom of their current card stack, to be played eventually. The first to get rid of all their cards wins.
There are some specialized cards that mix it up a bit, they range from everyone playing a card at the same time, to a mad grab to be the first to snatch the totem. Another will change the game play so that you ignore shapes and focus only on colour of the symbols.  This keeps the game fast and furious and going at a nice pace
 The cards are nice quality, that will hold up to regular gameplay, and the wooden totem has a nice aged look to it, and has a quality feel to it.
At the end it all pops into the nice drawstring bag to be stored away.  The game can get a bit crazy when you make that grab for the Totem, so you need to watch out for that, maybe take off rings not to injure others, or go gentle if playing with younger ones, though saying that Olivia had ninja reflexes for this game, and as the game goes on you all lean in to the totem ready for that grab.  Its a good fun outing, suitable for all ages and occasions.
If you fancy picking it up the  RRP is £14.99 and its available from Waterstones on the high street and Amazon.co.uk


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