Star Trek Attack Wing 2nd Division Battle cruiser ship build.

Today we look at the Jem hadar Battle cruiser builds.
As always I look at the 50 point build, then of course I go wild to see what I would like to do usuing only the cards that come in the pack.

First up we have the sub 50pt build,

Taking the named ship with Gul Dukat for captain gives it a good high captain skill, and the ability to add extra attack dice when needed.  With Photon Torpedoes it has some long range punch adding a plus one for being from the cruiser.  That links in with Lamat Ukan who can switch your target lock for a nice bit of trickery.  Finally Amat Igan adds an extra defence dice, which for 3 points is well worth it.

Its a solid build coming in at 49 points, but what If I want more toys... well lets see....

We take the above build, and a couple more cards to it to give it more of a punch.  Unnecessary bloodshed provides a guaranteed hit from this ship and all others in range 1-3.  Volley or torpedoes provides even more firepower, when things are sat in the front arc of this ship with no target lock on them thinking they are safe, use Lamat Ukan to switch that target lock, fire the volley of torpedoes, which discards that card, then without needing another target lock you can fire your second set of torpedoes at another target providing maximum effect, and when combined with the talent means lots of hits!.

I am very excited to try this ship loadout on the table.


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