Star Trek Attack Wing Koranak Cardassian Keldon unboxing

Coming in to give the Dominion forces some support we have the Kornanak.

The Koranak was a Cardassian Keldon-class cruiser that was in service with the Obsidian Order in the late 24th century.
This ship was illegally obtained by the Order and was modified with an increased top speed and the addition of a cloaking device from the Romulans. This ship would fight in the joint Tal Shiar/Obsidian Order attack on the Founders' homeworld in 2371. The attack failed, and the Koranak was later lost in the ensuing battle.

so lets take a look at her.

 As always a nice slab of card.
 The ships is fairly nimble, and fast, and has a 4 bank, the first time we have seen that move.  The named koranak has good firepower, average hull low defence and average shields.  Her named ability though is useful if you have a scan token you can spend it,  then make attacks at 2 different targets at minus 2 for each, so a 3 attack on 2 different targets, or a 4 if you are in range 1 of both.  with a wide 180 degree arc on this ship you can spread out the firepower easily.  For captains we have our generic of course, then another version of Gul Dukat.  for 5 points you get a skill 7 captain that can take an evade or battlestations as a free action each round.  Very useful.  Gul Evek is skill 4 for 2 points, he lets you re-roll all your blanks whilst defending.  That may seem strange with only 1 defence dice native to the Keldon class, but it does have some tricks coming later....
 For our elite alent we have captured intelligence, which you can discard to add an evade to your ship if you already have one, and gain an extra defence dice that round.  For weapons we have the dorsal weapons array, for 3 points gives you a 360 degree fire arc attack 3 weapon.  very useful.  Then we have Enhanced Weaponry. its a 5 attack weapon, that gets a plus 1 from a Keldon class.  Tech gives us Tetryon Emissions which you can disable to get plus 3 defence dice for the round.  The last tech is Cloaking device, which allows you to cloak and gain the sensor echo accident.  It also comes with one crewman, Boheeka.  If you have a battlestations when you attack you can convert a blank into a hit, so he works well with Dukats ability.
 The mission is another fun one from the DS9 series, and I lookforward to trying it.
 The ship itself is nicely detailed, and with a wash would look great.

 Its a great looking ship from any angle
A really solid addition to the dominion fleet.


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