Friday, 13 March 2015

Xwing Imperial 100pts build with the Phantom

To counter the Rebel threat I have run up another 100pt list featuring the Phantom to see what it can do.  Its only a four ship build, but here it is....

So whats in the build and how will I use it?

From lowest PS to highest we start with the lowly old Academy pilot in his TIE fighter, next an Obsidian squadron pilot in his TIE, then a solid bounty Hunter in his Firespray.

Rounding the list out we have whisper, at PS 9 with her veteran instincts, a fire control system to get target locks after she hits her target, advanced cloaking to cloak as soon as she fires and tactician to put stress out she is a beast.

The plan is to put the TIEs into a pair to go fight where they are needed, the Firespray with its forward and aft arcs and good hull and shields and firepower can handle itself stalking around the middle of the board/

Then Whisper can go and do what she does, lurk dodge kill, and cause havoc with her supreme manoeuvrability she will the wolf that will go in fight and withdraw on her own terms to dart and appear else where