Star Trek Attack Wing USS Voyager Federation ship unboxing

Today we look at one of my Favourite ships in Star Trek. The USS Voyager Intrepid class.
 You get so much extra goodies in this ship they had to redesign the clam shell to fit it all in!

With fifteen decks, a length of 343 meters, a crew complement capacity of approximately 160, and weighing in at 700,000 metric tons, Voyager was only about half the size of the Galaxy-class starships introduced in the 2350s. However, what the Intrepid-class starship lacked in physical size...

she made up for with technological advancements: Voyager boasted some of the most advanced sensor equipment in the Federation fleet and was capable of reaching a sustainable cruise velocity of warp factor 9.975. She was further equipped with bio-neural circuitry that contained gel-packs with bio-neural cells that organized information more efficiently and sped up response time. Its computer processor was capable of simultaneous access to 47 million data channels, transluminal processing at 575 trillion calculations per nanosecond and operational temperature margins from 10 Kelvin to 1,790 Kelvin.
 As you can see it comes with a ton of card, plenty of shields with some nice x5 tokens, plenty od disabled tokens.
 Then the extras 3 Borg cube tokens, a Borg sphere token, and 2 transwarp conduits. all for the scenario which looks great!
 That is a fast and manouverable ship! no red in that dial.  The voyager is expensive, but tough, good stats all round and plenty of options. For captains, janeway of course, Chakotay and a generic captain as always
 A nice selection of crew options, Paris is a great choice for his passive ability, Kim can get shields back, Tuvok adds extra firepower with torps, Torres provides additional upgrades to your bar and Seven of Nine lets you steal tech from people, the Doctor can reactivate crew, so many good choices here.
 The elite talent sacrifice is solid, bio neural circuitry lets you re-roll, the ablative generators adds more hull points.  Standard torps and of course the big bad Transphasic torps, one use only but packing 10 dice can potentially take a ship off in a single salvo.
 You get the rule cards for sevens ability and the Ablative generator
 Then the mission, Endgame, a solo player anti borg mission, 4 double sided card worth of solo player points challenge. You can earn points for accomplishing each task and have only a limited time so can try to beat your score, or even survive
 Then of course the ship. Nice detail on this one.
 and a good paint job for Attack wing anyway.

A great and a must have full marks expansion!


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