Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Star Trek Attack Wing Ni'Var Vulcan Suurok class ship unboxing

The Ni'Var is a Suurok-class starship. The Suurok-class is a Vulcan science vessel and combat cruiser. It has a cylindrical hull with a circular nacelle that allows it to reach speeds of Warp 6.5 and greater.
Under the current command of Captain Sopek, the Ni'Var was sent to retrieve T'Pol for her involvement in the destruction of the monastery at P'Jem. After learning that she and Captain Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise NX-01 were captured by the Andorians, Captain Sopek led a commando raid and helped rescue the two prisoners.  Which is the influence for this ships mission

As you can see its not a very large ship, but it is quite nice looking.  The Vulcans are a new faction in Attack wing with currently 2 retail ships.  I do look forward to seeing more.
So lets dive in to what comes in this ship? and are Vulcan ships any good?

First the obligatory slab of tokens, I always like these

It has a 180 degree fire arc which is nice, and you may notice some new tokens not seen before, well fear not I shall come to them.
 The generic ship is nice and cheap, and with 6 combined hull and shields is fairly solid, though is lacking firepower.  The named Ni`var has an extra shield and provides a firepower bonus at long range, but still does not kick out much in firepower range.  But then it is a science ship right?... well sometimes....  As always you can see the generic free captain.
 It is a fairly manoeuvrable ship, lacking a come about, but it does have a reverse. You have a few choices of captain, Kuvak provides an extra evade, but only if yournot in front arc of an enemy, which is well... hmm not much use as if your not in front arc you wont be getting shot, unless a few ships with rear firing secondary weapons are out. good and cheap but a meh ability.  Still captain skill 4 for 2 points is not bad.  Sopek is my favourite in this pack, 4 points, captain skill 6 and he adds a crew upgrade.  His action allows you to recall a previously discarded crewman.  And this is very useful for this ship.
 The other captain in the pack is Vlas.  Action to disable enemy crew can be handy. but then he comes in another form too....

Admiral Vlas.  Admirals are a new addition to the rules, they go on the ships as well as our captain, and give them a boost, hence the plus one token you saw earlier. His action becomes a fleet action, which you can do on any ship in range 1-3 of yours instead of their action.  If for some reason your captain is removed from play the admiral can flip over and take control. nice.
 The pack comes with the additional rules for the admiral
 Ahh combat vessel variant, it takes up your tech slot, but adds some punch to your ship increasing its firepower and hull by 1 each making this a solid ship.  Tractor beam is a good defensive tech upgrade.  Decisive action is an ok talent, but relies on you having a higher captain skill. which is 6 in this pack, 7 if you have an admiral with him
 It comes with 3 copies of Vulcan commandos which match really well with captain Sopek.  They go over and disable enemy upgrades, and give you a plus one attack on that ship for the round. so sending all 3 over in a round, which you can do gives you plus 3 dice! it can make this ship a really powerful assault ship.
 The mission is commando raid, and looks very thematic and good fun, I shall look forward to trying this.
 Its a cool looking ship, small and to be honest not that well painted. 
 Nothing a wash and touch up would not sort out though
I love the shape of the ring around it.

All in all a solid pack, worth picking up for sure, and adding some great variety to your games.