Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Star Trek Attack Wing Enterprise The original Series constitution class unboxing

Coming to add some support to the Federation faction for Attack Wing is the original `60s series Enterprise. It is as you can see very very small.  Certainly not in scale.  But then the game is not so I don't mind too much.  It is still a cool little ship and brings back memories of watching the original series as a youngling.
 Standard blister pack with the federation symbol on the front.
What else is in the pack?

a Wedge of card tokens as always......

Oddly the dial shows the Refit class Constitution from the films, buts its a minor thing.
There is plenty of cards in the set, the normal and handy manouver card, a nicely nimble ship for the federation anyway. Generic captain, Captain Pike, handy he makes crew a point cheaper and the Enterprise version has 4 crew.  And of course Kirk himself, at captain skill 9 he is up with picard, and he can take 2 elite talents face don until they are used which makes some handy Kirk style sneakiness, and they are 3 points each for any choice.  There are 3 elite talents Cheat death is a nice choice, allows the ship to come back after being blown up, and the Cochran manoeuvre can cause a big surprise!
For crew you have all the classics, apart from Checkov oddly.  All with good abilities, Spock is looking a solid choice and Scotty.

The mission is well known to all Trek fans, the Kobayashi Maru! a classic and heavily weighted against the Federation as it should be. Ever wondered if you could do it? well now you can try! I love these missions really add so much to the game.

Now for the ship itself.....
 Yes its small.....
 It has all the character of the ship
just lacking some of he detail seen on the other ships.

All in all a solid expansion pack again! and I am looking forward to seeing it on the table.