Zvezda Stug III AUSF. B

I may have mentioned I liked Stugs before, so of course when I saw this in my local store I couldn't help myself again!

Allowing me to bring my Stug love into the other periods of the war Mid and Early.... yes please!.
Zvezda are a Russian company, mainly model kit makers, in the traditional sense 1/35 scale 1/72 etc. However they do make a game range called "Art of Tactic" which is a ww2 board/mini hybrid game. To support the game they have a growing selection of 1/100 scale minis. Mainly German and Soviet, and a few Early war British bits to go with it as well. There are tanks, trucks and planes as well.
The Stug 3 B was produced between June 1940 and May 1941.
 I went for a quick paint job, with a rust dirt effect from the usage in Barbarossa
it is a nicely detailed model for the price, and from tabletop view certainly couldnot be told apart from a more expensive model.
It is a simple plastic snap together kit, did not require any cleanup and was built in minutes. Nice and easy.
Zvezda are well worth a closer look for their range if you play German Soviet or early war Brits


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