Flames of War Books: Where's the Beef?

I like lists, and if there's bullet points then even better. That's what this post will be, a list! It's a reference for myself and anyone who wants to know what books apply to each time period in Flames of War. You could maneuver through Battlefront's online store and the four pages of books, or skim this list to get an idea if what your options are.

Early War

  1. Blitzkrieg (Europe, Poland)
  2. Burning Empires (desert with Mediterranean forces such as the Greeks, and Raiding missions!)
  3. Hellfire and Back (desert)
  4. Rising Sun (Indochina and Finland/Winter War)

Mid War

  1. Eastern Front
  2. North Africa

Late War

  1. Atlantik Wall (Axis on D-Day)
  2. Blood, Guts, and Glory (US tanks & Patton!)
  3. Bridge By Bridge (Market Garden)
  4. Cassino (Italy, Nisei, Goum)
  5. Desperate Measures (eastern front tank battles)
  6. Devil's Charge (German forces during the Battle of the Bulge)
  7. Dogs and Devils (Devils Brigade, German tanks that can deploy barbed wire. Oh yeah, it's cool)
  8. Flames of War V3 Forces book that comes with the big hardcover rulebook (also comes with a similarly sized book on hobby for 15mm)
  9. Grey Wolf (Eastern front for Axis, so Germans and Hungarians and Finnish. Some fun lists in there.)
  10. Market Garden (that whole mess)
  11. Overlord (Allies on D-Day)
  12. Red Bear (Eastern front Allies, so Soviets and Romanians and Poles)

There are a while slew of PDFs on the Battlefront website that I didn't even begin to bother with because there are so many [Early, Mid, Late]. Those PDFs have specific armies, like Norwegians or the 53rd Welsh. Those are also programmed into Easy Army so you can find them three l there as well.
Pip pip cheerio, I hope this is helpful to someone!


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