The Sunday Reader: Issue 3

Let's jump right in, shall we?

1. I'm sure any of us in the wargaming hobby know that the first popular wargame was Little Wars by H.G. Wells. But have you actually read it? Luckily you can, as the book exists on the Gutenburg Project website. Have a gander!

2. Want some tips on making buildings out of foamcore board? Or just some odd tips about adding some extra detail? Well do I have the link you you: BOOM.

3. Of all the resources for papercraft buildings, Wizards of the Coast has a decent amount of stuff. Follow that link for some D&D themed stuff that I'm sure you clever lads and lasses can turn into something useful.

4. Battlefront has a rarely updated blog with, typically, battle reports. If you want some hobby inspiration in the form of well painted Flames of War units, give this link a go.

5. A lovely collection of resources for the miniature hobbyist from The Combat Workshop.

6. In case you missed it, I made a post about the available books for Flames of War in relation to what time period they fit. A nice little reference I think.

T-t-that's all folks.


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