Sprue Cutter's Union: Time Management

First off, a very Happy Birthday for my fellow garage gamer Mart! :D Keep up the good work, ha!

My schedule changes every 4-6 months, because that's the life of a college student. Usually I get a little done here and there, never as really as much as I would like; I'm not a very quick hobbier.

One method has been trying to get one layer of paint or step of a recipe done every day on a unit, and that helps if I have the discipline to stick with it.

My biggest tip/tool/thinger is to set aside some time every month to hobby. On Thursdays, the evenings are spent at a local gaming store rolling some dice around, building models, or talking shop. Friday evenings from 8/9 to midnight are for RPGs via the Skype. I usually get a little hobby done in that time. Any other time during the week is not really reliable to get anything done.

Having the set schedule is great because I can arrange everything else around it. Homework? Gotta get it done before 8pm on Friday. Field work? Make sure to get out with enough time to get home for a shower, then rolling dice!

Now with that said (what else can I say, y'know?), let's talk about what we're going to be doing these next few blog posts. I already have a solid Sunday Reader lined up, Mart has been making lots of Hungarian lists for our pal Laz, and I am going to keep on making more little pieces of terrain.

I took a scale comparison shot for another Astronite to compare Victrix, Games Workshop, and Wyrd Miniatures scales.

Kinda interesting. I like how by GW's background, the Victrix model looks much more the human that the Guardsman.


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