Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Finnish Fokker C.X. - DONE

Woo, finally! I got all the decals on, all the patterns tidied up, and my vision for the base done!

The Fokker CX was flown primarily for reconnaissance, but you could strap two 500lb bombs to the wings for spice things up. Recon flying required going low over the terrain, so for the base I harvested cheap winter conifers from the attic (I'm sure they're in the holiday decorations shelf at your local crafts store) to give the effect of the plane flying low and slow. I rather like it! I'm sure there's more I could do to fill out the rest of the base space but nothing I considered (snow flock, more trees) seemed right.

I hope it comes up well in the photos, but I put some gloss varnish on the windows to make them glint just a bit.

I don't have MicroSol and/or MicroSet, never have. I did read years ago that you could use rubbing alcohol to soften decals up. Here's what I do...
  1. Set a nice good foundation of gloss varnish. This makes your life easier by giving the decal a relatively smooth surface to latch onto.
  2. Get the decal in the place you want. Soak in water, slide off with a brush, I assume you know the deal.
  3. Soak a Q-tip/cottonswab in rubbing alcohol, and carefully roll it over the decal. Do not rub, roll. Lightly. If you put a lot of pressure on, or rub, then you'll wind up taking chunks of the surrounding paint and your decals with the swab. It'll take a few passes. Be patient, and you will be rewarded. 
  4. Once you're happy the decal has settled down, cover with matt varnish! I brush on Vallejo's Matt Varnish from a dropped bottle, and it works just fine. 

My grandfather has quite a few WW2 mementos, and a lot of his documents from his time in the Navy are fascinating reads. Among his possessions that we have is this rather large model jeep. How large... well...

 It's perfect for my FoW jeeps to drive to the USO show! Pretty big even for me and my history of 28mm gaming.

That's all for today, folks!